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Home Machines

In the market for a new coffee machine? Unhappy with coffee at home? 

You are at the right place! Below is the full range of our machines, all of which will last long, are made in Italy, incorporate high quality, long lasting materials, are commercially oriented, can sustain a high pressure and temperature environment and can brew great espresso if paired up with a good grinder, fresh beans and a skilled operator.

So How do you know which one is for you?

The best way knowing which one is the one for you is engaging with an expert that can match what the machines CAN do with what YOU need it to do. Di Bartoli developed a 3 Steps Formula to guarantee you get there quickly:

Step 1: Understand Technology and Terminology 

Where are you in your research? Have you been studying our resources? Do you understand technologies? if you're just starting out or even if this is an upgrade, check our Buyer's Guide. You will find there anything you need to know to narrow the myriads of machines and grinders out there to the right technology FOR YOU 

Step 2: Build a Short List

That's the tricky part. We are all different. Some like black, others white. Some make 2 cups max, other love entertaining. Some would seek to plumb the machine in, most wont. Some roast at home, others desire a 'decent' cup in the morning to get them going. Do you know what type of a coffee consumer are you? One step closer to knowledgeable choices is self awareness. Then, we come in..

You see, no one in Australia knows espresso equipment consumer behavior like we do. Researching, trading, and working with communities for 15 years has given us the insight and the data we need to take you from confusion to clarity. To build your short list we'll need to know your OWN individual culture and link it to what few models / brands CAN do for you. THIS is how we do it:

  • Got time? complete a short questionnaire and we'll email you back our professional input of the BEST short list for you. 
  • In a rush or prefer chatting to someone instead? Once you receive a short list from us, book a  call with our prosumer equipment expert, to nail it with you to the one and only!

Step 3: Narrow it Down to the One

From there, narrowing it further would rely much on your aesthetics preference and expected scope of investment. Do you feel confident with your choice? Our email will show you how to get the BEST deal on our web site or in store to include all the before and after support we are famous for. Still unsure? 

  • Book a call with our prosumer equipment expert, to nail it with you to the one and only! 

Looking forward supporting you with your decision making and making this step of your journey as simple and as enjoyable as can be.  

Prosumer Equipment Sale & Support Team  

  • ACM Alfi

    THIS MODEL HAS NOW BEEN DISCONTINUED  Click here for our demo unit on sale Alfi is a lady you want in your life. She's easy to operate, affordable, and can create a delicious cup of coffee whenever and wherever you need one.  Taking up...

  • ACM Alfi - Ex-demo

    ACM Alfi Ex-demo HX machine now for sale! Now selling our beloved demonstration model ACM Alfi. This entry level HX machine has been gracing the benches at Di Bartoli Coffee for many years, however it is now time for it to seek a new home. Perfect...

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  • Bezzera Duo DE Double Boiler

    The Bezzera Duo DE is the latest premium offering from Bezzera. This classy double boiler machine comes with wooden finish portafilters and levers, programmable volumetric buttons settable pre-infusion, automatic daily on/off settings...

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  • Bezzera Duo Double Boiler

    The Bezzera Duo is the latest premium offering from Bezzera. This classy double boiler machine comes with wooden finish portafilters and levers, settable pre-infusion, automatic daily on/off settings and temperature control via a backlit LED...

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  • Bezzera Magica

    Out of stock. ETA August 2019. Di Bartoli Coffee recommends the Di Bartoli Lumina as a better option  The Bezzera Magica is a powerful E61 group head Heat Exchange machine that represents massive value for end users. Combining commercial...

  • Bezzera Matrix DE Double Boiler

    After much anticipation, Bezzera have launched their first foray into the prosumer dual boiler market. The Matrix model represents innovation in the world of semi-automatic espresso coffee machines. It combines traditional technology with sophisticated...

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  • Bezzera Matrix Double Boiler

    After much anticipation, Bezzera have launched their first foray into the prosumer dual boiler market. The Bezzera Matrix features a 1L steam boiler and 0.45L brew boiler, temperature control via an LED touch screen, unique colour...

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  • Bezzera Mitica Top

    The Bezzera Mitica TOP is a stunning e61 Heat Exchange machine from Bezzera. This model features a Rotary Pump and has the option to plumb it in with an easy and quick modificaiton. It is an high quality product built with Professional...

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  • Bezzera Strega

    The Strega combines the modern features found in coffee machines today with the traditional lever system to create an optimal extraction of espresso. Where the traditional lever machine pulled the water for the coffee extraction directly from the...

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  • Di Bartoli Lumina - On Sale!

    EXCLUSIVE MODEL - ECM MADE, DI BARTOLI RE-BRANDED, BEST VALUE MACHINE ON OUR RANGE! FREE SHIPPING TO MAJOR CAPITAL CITIES**Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra & Adelaide. Live elsewhere? check out with free shipping and we'll charge freight...

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  • ECM Controvento

      The ECM Controvento with dual boiler and PID temperature control - Stainless Steel Model  The Controvento is the first dual boiler espresso machine from ECM. With its new, extravagant design it veers away from the classic look and races...

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