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Water Filtration

  • Add-on Softening Filter Kit, 1/4" Push Fit

      If you already have a water system installed, you can put the IN1218-2K inline after your existing system to reduce TH. The special blend of softening resins reduces TH by around 90% whilst maintaining an ideal PH for espresso. Based on a...

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  • Aqua Pro Benchtop Filter System

    The Aqua Pro Benchtop Filter System (inc CFS117R Softening Filter 5 Mic)  sits neatly next to your sink and connect easily to the end of most kitchen faucets. The diverter valve at the faucet enables you to choose between running water through...

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  • Digi Pure Bench Top Replacement Water Filter

    Bench Top Replacement Water Filter

    This is the replacement cartridge compatible for Digi Pure Bench Top Filtration System & Benchtop Filter System, inc CFS117R Softening Filter 5 Mic It suits most traditional water filter housings. The triple action drop in filter...

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  • Brita C150 Coffee Machine Water Filter Kit

    The C150 Kit uses the latest PURITY range of filters from BRITA to deliver clean drinking water that has been softened to protect household appliances such as espresso machines, irons, kettles and steamers. It Features: 3 stage Brita Purity filter...

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  • Commercial Water Filter Kit

    Commercial Water Filter Kit

    Using a quick connect bayonet cartridge, this high performance filter offers the latest filtration technology providing huge sediment & chemical reduction capacity whilst dramatically reducing the development of scale to protect your equipment from...

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  • Resin filter

    Resin filter

    Resin filter for prosumer espresso machines. Softens your water to reduce limescale build-up. Suitable for all pump model espresso machines with a water intake tube in the reservoir (read instructions carefully before use). Notes: * Warning: Upon...

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  • Water Hardness Test trips x 10

    Water Hardness Test Strips x 10

      Water hardness affects the performance of espresso machines. Choosing which filter solution to use and how frequently to replace the cartridge has just been made easier with this Water Hardness Strips. It is a quick and simple method of...

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