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ECM Puristika Coffee Machine

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Introducing the ECM Puristika Single Boiler Coffee Machine

This model has no milk steaming capabilities. If you are looking for an ECM single boiler machine with the e61 group head and steamer check out the ECM Classika PID

Introducing the ECM Puristika Single Boiler Coffee Machine, the first offering from ECM dedicated exclusively for the espresso lovers. Ditching all milk frothing capabilities and only focusing on extraction of that perfect shot, the Puristika is simply about espresso.

The Puristika features the smallest footprint of any ECM coffee machine at only 195mm wide, it features powerful heating element and a large external water tank, allowing you to make multiple shots of espresso without having to refill the tank. The machine’s E61 group head ensures temperature stability and pre-infusion, resulting in perfectly extracted espresso every time.

The Puristika is also easy to use, with a user-friendly digital controller that lets you program brew temperature. Unique to the Puristika is access to the expansion valve at the front of the machine (normally in a machine this feature is not easily accessible to the end user), giving you access to pump pressure on the fly

Overall, the ECM Puristika single boiler coffee machine is an excellent choice for the espresso lover who demand quality but also want to keep the coffee setup as simple as possible. With its elegant design and exceptional features, this machine is perfect for those who want to create cafe-quality espresso drinks at home.


  • e61 Brew Head
  • 2L external water tank with metal hoses
  • 0.75L stainless steel brew boiler
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • PID display
  • Vibration pump
  • Expansion valve control via rotary valve
  • Net weight: 13.4kg
  • Net measurements (without portafilter): 195 x 348 x 315 mm
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