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7 Smart Reasons to Buy Your Espresso Gear from Di Bartoli

Hi! and thanks for reading. 
I guess if you clicked this page you might be in the market for a coffee machine, right?
So today, there is a very important message I'd like to share with you, just before you click 'next' to the other web site. Got that second for me?
Thanks, appreciated. 
Here's what we DON'T do for you:
  • We're not just an internet site, but you CAN buy stuff online
  • We are in business to change lives, not to make money. But we will walk away if not given the fair chance to also prosper from our passion
  • We don't like smoke screens, empty promises, sales pitches, lazy advice and sense of entitlement
  • We are probably not a good match if the reason why you're here isn't passion for good coffee

Have you done enough research to know that Cafe style coffee ISN'T just a press button?
Do you seek a non biased professional and caring advice from someone who'd walk with you long after the machine lands on your bench?
OVERWHELMED and need clarity and simplicity so you can easily make the right choice?

Then These 7 Smart Reasons to Do Business With us Are Just For You:

We care. ‘Your satisfaction is our passion’ is NOT some marketing slogan; it is our day-to-day reality. We want you to experience the wonders of coffee as much as we know and love it, so we will aim at partnering with you in your journey, by sharing our knowledge and giving you the right tools. Create relationship not translocation is our mojo!

We have a vision. We see it coming alive every day. Once you realise the effort, practice, beans choices and the gear involved with Cafe quality coffee, you might think: ‘I’m not a Barista, I’ll never get to that level’. Well you can. And we’re here to make sure the best coffee in your suburb is the one served in your kitchen!

We are unique. No other business in Australia has developed their entire business model and activities around the needs of the Home Barista and delivered consistently for over 10 years, like we did. That means to you: professional, comprehensive, caring, efficient, tailored and seamless shopping experiences and ongoing support simply not available elsewhere

Experience counts. My partner and I bring over 15 years of experience working with over 15,000 aspiring Home Baristas in all core elements of quality coffee:

o Prosumer Equipment R&D, sourcing, consulting, training and supporting technically
o Specialty coffee Roastery: sourcing specialty grade beans, designing profiles, bringing
   innovation, sharing our knowledge, inviting you in to explore and experiment

o E-commerce that sees our products sent out to all corners of the country and supports
  loyally of our partners who enjoy speed, ease, transparency and recognition

We give. We know that unless we stand out from the crowd we will not get the chance to connect with you so we do more of what we enjoy doing anyway and that’s adding value:

o We walk you through your choices with ease and patience
o We train you on how to operate your gear and achieve amazing results at home in a
  one on one personalised format

o We make sure you follow all maintenance advise to protect your investment
o We recommend a bean to your palate
o We offer a free, unlimited support after your purchase
o We invite you to enjoy all members specials unavailable to the public

We love our community. We’re known to be a bunch of geeks pulling shots all day but the internet is another playground we love! We are the oldest sponsor of and active on other coffee forums, social media and industry events. We love hanging out on our Facebook page with our followers and we’re launching the first Facebook Home Barista Australia group soon. We also love giving to our local community, get involved in school charities, women in business associations, young entrepreneurs’ initiatives, our local Chamber of Commerce and various cancer research causes. We also encourage feedback and an open dialogue so that we manage to deliver what you need and want and get better at it

We are a Market Leader We won several Golden Beans Awards throughout the years, we are the winner of several medals at the Australian International Coffee Award for 3 consecutive years, we have just won the 2016 Brightest & Best Waverley Council Retail Award and our Director is often invited to speak on running a coffee business, coffee marketing, market positioning and customer experience 

But why taking our word for it? Check out here what our partners have to say on buying espresso equipment from Di Bartoli

Ready to go on a fun ride with us? You can choose to: 

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