Found the one?

What you need to know before buying
You've figured out the right espresso machine and grinder brand and model for you. Now what? What else do you need to know to make your purchase the best experience possible?

Covid-19 has greatly affected Prosumer coffee equipment availability globally. This may also affect your purchase decision. Due to the massive demand for home coffee machines and the severe shortage of supply, most of our range is currently on backorder and whichever model you were eyeing lately may not be coming to Australia at all this side of Christmas. To save the disappointment of finally deciding on the one yet being told it's arriving in 2021, we have only included below what is IN STOCK or what we CAN get this side of Christmas.

Wait. This still doesn't guarantee you can get the one whenever you decide to buy it. You see, out of 50 units we may order from the importer we may only get 10, with containers landing monthly, all pre-sold. It may be worse for other vendors who may not have a diverse range as we do. That means that we allocate on first best dress basis and our best advice to you if you want a unit from any shipment before the end of the year, is to BUY TODAY so we can secure a unit for you, as we're already 50% sold for most Oct-Nov shipments.

No stress, we're here to help you get your dream machine while making sure you avoid the regret from any rushed decision.
ECM Machine
+ With every machine you will receive this value package:
  • BEST PRICES AUSTRALIA WIDE - on all our machines! We will beat any competitor's price on value!
  • 8% DISCOUNT ON A GRINDER - if purchased with your machine 
  • 50% OFF ACCESSORIES - our Essential Bundle at $62 instead of $124
  • FREE SHIPPING - to most states. Click here for all conditions
  • FREEBIES - 500g Freshly Roasted Specialty Beans, Backflush Powder
  • PEACE OF MIND - gear is tested and calibrated prior to delivery / pick up
  • INSURANCE - all our machines are insured. That means an immediate replacement machine dispatch in an event of documented damage in transit. We ensure Safety in Transit as all machines are delivered strapped to a skid to prevent damage
  • FREE TRAINING - Zoom Video Private Training with our Master Trainer in your own kitchen! 
  • SUPPORT- unlimited 6 days a week, phone / email / live chat / Skype / Facebook
  • COMMUNITY - exclusive access to our prosumer machines owner group on Facebook
  • WARRANTY- quick and reliable repair, back to our authorised repairer in Sydney
Do I need anything else except a machine and a grinder?
Water filtration is 3rd in line in importance for good coffee after your grinder as hard water will cause limescale buildup which will result with time in leakages, blockages and other operational malfunction. For your machine, we would recommend the Aqua Pro. You can learn more here about the importance of soft water to the health of your machine.
Ready NOW to secure a machine & a grinder? Here is how:
  1. Click on the page of the model of your choice as above
  2. Choose your preferred grinder from the 'grinder add-on' drop down and the reduced price will be added to the total 
  3. If you need accessories, Select the starter kit from the Accessories drop-down box - $62 will be added to total
  4. Click 'add to cart'
  5. Continue shopping for water filter, cleaning products or other barista accessories
  6. Click on 'proceed to checkout'
  7. Register an account, enter shipping and billing address
  8. Proceed to shipping options. Choose 'free shipping' or 'pick up from store' if you're local
  9. Proceed to payment options and follow the prompts (we recommend PayPal if you have an account, as no ID verification required)
You can also pay with Zip money, 3 months interest-free and as many payments that you like!

Voila! We’ll be in touch straight after to coordinate your delivery. 
Still unsure which is the right model for you?
Simply click here and request a call with our Machines Specialist at a time that suits you. In a 30 minutes conversation, you will know which one is 'the one'!
I'm not ready to commit now but would like to track your stock level
If you don't want to commit now but still be kept in the know when your favourite model is back in stock, sign up to our equipment stock alert updates below:
Why should I buy from you?
If you don't want to commit now but still be kept in the know when your favourite model is back in stock, sign up to our equipment stock alert updates below:
What's our relationship going to look like post-purchase?
Going through consultancy and the free training, we do get to know you a little but we don't stop there. Here is what you can expect from us in the weeks and months after your purchase:
  • Weekly exclusive specials so you can enjoy some good savings
  • New blog articles to help you out with any coffee-related topics
  • We're available to troubleshoot your espresso anytime - just ask for a callback!
  • Access to a group of like-minded home baristas ready to share their knowledge with you
  • You'll be getting a bonus when joining our prestigious Beans Subscription
  • Matching a bean to your palate advice and guaranteed fresh bean supply 
  • Water filtration and maintenance support 
Can I see the machines in person and have an in-person chat?
If in Sydney, and you do feel that an in-person chat or seeing the machines on the bench is what you need to make a decision, BOOK YOUR VISIT AHEAD HERE. Note our strict Covid-19 Safe policy which will require you to sign in, sanitize your hands, refrain from touching the goods and maintain 1.5m from our staff. 
These are uncertain times, but choosing the right machine doesn't have to be uncertain. Getting you organised with quality coffee at home is a simple and quick process that can be done with confidence and ease while having us by your side.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Prosumer family,

Ofra Ronen and the Prosumer Specialists Team