No Cookie-Cutter Solution

There's no machine that's perfect for everybody

All home models on our Most Popular Machines  collection are of Prosumer grade, high end, built to last, provide temperature stability for espresso, ample steam pressure for few milky coffees, they all come with 12 months warranty and are all easily repaired in our Sydney  workshop with parts available all year around. So your decision making won’t rely on longevity, serviceability or built quality. 

Choosing A Machine

Factors to consider before buying a coffee machine

Choose based on expected performance. This type of knowledge can only be provided by experienced machines specialists who know the machines in and out, work with home users for many years and after chatting to you, will have an insight into the results YOU want to achieve, so they can put it all together and point at a choice likely to make you happy for the long run.

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Home Buyers
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Working with over 15,000 home buyers in Australia in the past 15 years, our data shows that: choosing a machine based on someone else’s experience, number of technical specifications, price or looks alone, you are likely to regret it. 

The only guide you need

Don't know where to start?

If you’ve viewed the Most Popular Machines collection and unsure how to narrow the options down, if you are only at the start of your research, if you are unfamiliar with the difference between the various Prosumer level technologies, if this is a first-time Prosumer machine for home or if you are upgrading from non espresso coffee at home, we’d like to fill in the gap for you before helping you out with the shortlist or choosing between 2-3 models.

Find the perfect one for you

Got a shortlist? Choose a technology.

Are you upgrading from another Prosumer machine? Is this a second machine for the  boat / holiday house / office? Are you buying a machine as a gift? Have you done the research, confident about technology and shortlisted 2-3 models? 

ConvEnience is one call away

Book a call with our specialist and here's why:


Best customer support

If you ring us up, chances you won’t be able to get through to our consultants as we’ll be on a pre-booked call and our Customer Support team is not trained in consulting you with best machines option


No guesswork

Talking to us dissolves overwhelm and gives you the clarity you need for a confident decision


No hassle transaction

Booking saves you time waiting on the line or for someone to call you back. It saves you typing on live chat or on messenger


Cut the waiting time

Booking saves you time waiting for our expert to be made available in the hub while consulting other pre-booked visits


Answer your questions

Talking to us you get to know us a little too. Developing trust, learning we are real, caring and patient. There are no silly questions, we’ve heard it all, and we know what really matters!