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The Hario V60 is perhaps the most popular pour over on the market today, and for good reason: it makes a delicious cup of coffee, it’s easy to use, and it’s really fun! And while your local barista can make the process look intimidating, if you follow our steps, you’ll be making craft coffee in no time. It’s great for people who want full control throughout the brewing process. Whether you like a bold, or well rounded cup, the V60 is a great choice.

You will need: Hario V.60V60 paper, a Server, 1 x Gooseneck Kettle, a hand grinder and our fresh beans





The Aeropress is the ultimate go-anywhere, no-fuss filter coffee making, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t endless variations in how to use it. Its consistently inspiring ingenuity, through precise and pedantic brew methods dreamed up by those in search of the perfect recipe. The Aeropress is also extremely portable. So portable it can hold a Porlex Mini hand grinder inside of it. Add to all this the fact that it’s easy-to-use, flexible and easy to clean (very important) and you’ve got a pretty sweet device.The lightweight and portable Aeropress brews a delicious, full-bodied, and sweet cup, whether you are on a road trip, camping or just relaxing at home. The Aeropress is one of the best brewing methods when you don’t have a scale or you are out and about in the world. You might be having visitors coming over every weekend, just to savour your coffee.

You will need: 1 Aeropress, 1 x Gooseneck KettleAeroPress paper filtershand grinder and our fresh beans

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An iconic brewer with a timeless design invented in 1941, the Chemex is easy to use and easy on the eyes. The Chemex is housed in the MOMA permanent design collection —it also lives on most of our kitchen counters, too. It brews a clean cup and maintains body and balanced floral notes. It’s a unique brewer, made from non-porous glass, it delivers smooth, drip like filter coffee, but unlike drip coffee, it provides you with more room for experimentation. Additionally, you need to pay more attention to the pour rate. With this level of care and attention, you are guaranteed nuanced coffee, sweet and sufficient to share with your friends and family. Everyone loves the Chemex, for the crisp and clean cup it produces 

 You will need: 1 Chemex, 1 x Gooseneck KettleChemex Filter paper filters, hand grinder and our fresh beans
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The Bruer Cold Drip System is a Slow Drip maker that produces cold brew. Cold Brew is less acidic and less bitter than hot brewed coffee. Why? Because hot water extracts oily compounds from the grounds that dissolve easily in hot water. These oily compounds are high in acidity which gives hot coffee its bitter taste. Cold brew coffee offers a more balanced cup with increased sweetness. By reducing the acidity, the tongue is able to experience more of the natural flavors found in coffee beans. It has a smooth, rich texture with a sweet and aromatic finish. No need to add any sugar, it’s sweet enough as it is.

Cold brew coffee is better for the digestive system. With less acidity, people suffering from acid reflux, heartburn or other temperamental stomach issues will find comfort with a less acidic drink. Just heat it up and enjoy your morning ritual once again.

Cold brew coffee will bring simplicity to your home. No need for electrical outlets or heating up kettles to 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold Brew coffee is easy to make and stays fresh for up to two weeks. And it’s versatile and can be conveniently travelled with.

As a slow drip, you can set it up and forget it with no risk of over extraction. Clean up is simple, just dump the ground coffee and rinse. And, because the coffee is acting as its own filter, you get a clean cup filled with sweet balanced flavor! Read here more about Slow drip V Full immersion.  

You will need: 1 Bruer, Filter paper (included), hand grinder and our fresh beans

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The Trinity™ ONE is an award winning design, recognised internationally as the first high quality all-in-one appliance for specialty coffee, combining Press, Drip, and Immersion brewing techniques. The Trinity One includes an improved ball valve flow controller, and a 180 micron 304 Stainless Steel filter disk, which produces incredibly clean coffee filtering results, thanks to our unique non-bypass filtering design.

The 2.25kg stainless steel Press Cylinder has been individually cast and passivated for a matte finish. It offers unsurpassed brewing consistency by automatically pressing your coffee with gravity to the optimum extraction percentage every time.

Brew multiple methods including pour over, gravity press, and immersion (hot and cold brew) methods on one high quality device, and declutter your bench. You will need: 1 TrinityAeropress Filtershand grinder and our fresh beans

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If you like ice coffee, we're certain you'll love the simplicity of the Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker. 
The unique design combines a 02 size V60 dripper cone, along with a 700ml practical capacity glass carafe.
Like the V60, the curved ridges on the inside of the cone help to control of water flow as it interacts with coffee grounds, resulting in optimal extraction during the brewing process. To make ice coffee, simply fill the ice strainer with ice, and insert into the pot. As you extract your coffee it is rapidly cooled down and can be drunk immediately. You can also use your Ice Coffee Maker to make hot coffee, simply by removing the ice strainer section. 

You will need: 1 Hario V60 Fretta jugV60 coneV60 Papers 02, Ice cubes, Gooseneck Kettlehand grinder and our fresh beans

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In the past two years, filter coffee has taken off in a big way in Australia, with specialty cafes bringing what was once considered the least elegant way to brew and consume coffee into an arena of its own. Filter coffee is easily prepared using a wide variety of methods and equipment, all of which differ in the amount of control required to produce it to a high standard. The Syphon is one of the most popular brewing devices available, which is no surprise given its theatrical nature. It’s also not a new device, it has existed in one form or another as far back as the 1700. 
As coffee quality has improved in the past ten years, so has the renewed focus on brewing using syphons. In Australia, the syphon coffee maker seems to be categorised side-by-side with most other preparation methods for filter coffee, but doesn’t share the same reputation for simplicity that makes other brewing equipment so appealing. What the coffee syphon lacks in ease of use and practicality, it makes up for in exceptional brew results (when brewed well!) and enough theatre to keep the coffee brewing public interested for another few hundred years.

You will need: 1 Hario Syphon TCA-2, Gooseneck Kettlehand grinder and our fresh beans.

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