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Water Hardness Test Strips x 10

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Water hardness affects the performance of espresso machines. Choosing which filter solution to use and how frequently to replace the cartridge has just been made easier with this Water Hardness Strips.

It is a quick and simple method of testing the TH (Total Hardness) of your water, whether at home or in a commercial enviroimnemnt.

General Instruction:

1. Dip the strip into water sample for 3 seconds.

2. Remove, do not shake.

3. Wait 20 seconds and then match with closest color block on the reserse side.(Colors are stable for 1 mimute)

There are 10 strips per pack. Each Strip is foil wrapped for ideal storage and contains a colour coded TH measurement reference printed on the packet.

Please note it is recommended for a home environment to be with TH of max 160ppm and under 300ppm TDS (total dissolvable solids). Any reading higher than that, please contact us to discuss a suitable filter

Click here to learn more about water hardness and the best water fitration solution for you

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