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Buyer's Guide


Prosumer Equipment Buyer's Guide 
Click Here PDF to Download the Full Buyer's Guide in PDF.

Choosing a brand new Espresso Machine or upgrading isn't at all an easy task. These 10 Bullet-proof tips below will ensure you invest in what is right for YOU, to make you happy for many years to come. We simplify the tech language, demystify few common myths, touch on other essentials for great home espresso and cover all logistics to help you taking a knowledgeable decision. You will find in our Buyer's Guide: 

  1. How to choose the right technology? How to choose the right brand & model?
  2. Essential Cleaning, water filtration and maintenance
  3. How to choose the right coffee bean?
  4. Do I really need training?
  5. All you need to know about equipment shipping
  6. Warranties and repair
  7. Anything else I need to know before purchase?
  8. What do I get FREE with each machine?
  9. Why is it a smart move buying from Di Bartoli?
  10. Book a call to chat to the expert


1. How Do I Choose the Right Technology? Brand & Model?

A first stop before stepping into brands or models, is understanding the various technologies out there and what it means to you. This is exactly what our 'How to Choose the right Espresso Machine'? guide does. Thermoblock Vs. Boiler? Single Boiler Vs. Heat Exchange? you'll find all the info there. As we believe your grinder is as important as your coffee machine, we'd usually recommend a pairing grinder to your machine. 'How to Choose the Right Grinder for You' will answer all questions about that. Once you have read the guides, click here for more answers to popular technical questions, like E61 Vs, Traditional Head, 'Profi' taps Vs. Knobs, Rotary Vs. Vibrating, etc.    

You know the right technology for you but you want a tailored recommendation of the best brand and model? We can help with that too! Click on our Quest page to get an access to your Crystal Ball.   

2. Essential Cleaning, Water Filtration and Maintenance Advice

A periodical cleaning of your machine is crucial to optimise both its operation and the coffee taste. Most Heat Exchange E61 group head will initially require Backflush Detergent and Blind filter that come free with your machine. A great source for a comprehensive cleaning procedure you can find here. Di Bartoli also attaches a specific cleaning and maintenance guide for each specific brand & model you buy. 

Many are not aware of the importance of Water Filtration to prevent breakdowns and optimise coffee taste. The heating and cooling process in each coffee machine attracts scale from the water, and this tends to accumulate in the boiler, on pipes, in the group head and on internal components. This, if not removed, leads to blockages and leakages. and eventually can lead to a technician's 'death sentence' when scale is evident everywhere and isn't worth while removing.  

Click HERE to learn how to avoid that and how to choose the right filtration solution for you. 

Maintenance will usually comprise of servicing your machine every 18th months. You can service your machine at Di Bartoli (click here for our service fees) or with your local certified technician. A monthly group head cleaning is recommended, and you can find out how to do that here. You may also find that your group head seal require replacement before the machine is due service. Click here to access a video on how to replace a group head seal or here for our spare parts list.    

3. How to Choose the Right Coffee Beans for My New Equipment?

Similarly to a machine that provides the right pressure for coffee and the grinder that grinds fine enough and consistent enough, so as the choice of the coffee beans will impact the flavour in the cup.
Di Bartoli is a Specialty roaster. We believe in the power of Specialty bean to deliver complexity, body, aroma and taste not presented in over stale, imported, supermarket coffee with no roasting date on the package. Everything from the farmer's growing and cultivating choices through to the roaster's skills level, will contribute to a carefully selected high quality bean that is best brewed in a Prosumer machine with the hands of a skilled operator. Click here for more about Specialty coffee.

Freshness, roast level, choice of a Blend or a Single Origin, storage, all will have significant impact on what's in the cup. So choose wisley, or chat to our friendly customer care team members, they'll match a bean to palate for you. At the end of the day it's all about being experimental trying diffrent things to find out the body, aroma, taste and aftertaste your palate approves.  

We also make Specialty coffee acquisition REALLY EASY with our Subscription program. You will never run out of coffee again, nor will you have to waste time driving to your local roaster or going through an online purchase process...we deliver to your pantry every fortnight like a clockwork! 

4. Do I Really Need Training?

Training is the 4th ingredient for good coffee. Without training, you are simply likely to make many mistakes prolonging the learning curve before you are able to produce 1 cup that meets your palate approval. You are also likely to get frustrated, and from our experience many at this stage blame their equipment or their beans choices as their unable to make what they know is possible.

In Sydney, we run a Home Barista School, with One-on-one Home Barista Training being our most popular format. If you pick up your new machine in store, you can enjoy FREE 1 hour training with your own equipment. If you live in a different state, you can enjoy our FIRST-STEPS-GUIDE over the phone, where we guide you to your first GREAT Espresso. We also recommend to engage with local Barista schools and Roaster's appreciation courses to further develop your palate and experience Specialty coffee in all its beauty.  

5. All you Need to Know about Equipment Shipping

  • All our equipment deliveries are couriered & insured, machines over 25kg are dispatched strapped to a skid to minimize damage in transit
  • In an event of clear damage in transit, an immediate replacement unit is dispatched - you will need to contact us immediately with photos 
  • TNT Road Express delivers within 1-3 business days in NSW, QLD & VIC, 3-7 days in other states, Delays are expected around Christmas time 
  • We recommend advising us with a business address as couriers can deliver any time of the day. If you have none, we provide you with tracking number upon dispatch so you can ensure someone is at home on the day of delivery
  • Occasionally the driver will require assistance to download the skid from the truck, please ensure the person waiting can assist
  • We cannot request a specific time of delivery but we can request a call on arrival. Please request that in the order comments   

6. Warranties and Repair

All equipment come with 12 months labour and parts warranty. We do not believe in extended warranty as 15 years of experience repairing prosumer equipment showed us that any genuine fault from factory is likely to occur between 1 to 14 days after using the machine for the first time. Any faults after few months or beyond warranty period, are usually a result of scale build up, lack or cleaning, harsh environment, electricity spike, or incorrect use, all which are not covered by the manufacturer warranty, nor by any extended warranty offer out there. Please read the small letters prior to accepting any extended warranty offer.

In Sydney, we do what no other vendor does: we guarantee repair within 72 hours should parts are available. You can also upgrade to 48 or 24 hours. Click here for Technical Service Price List and description.

We have a service agent in all capital cities to handle our warranty repair. But more importantly, we stress the importance of good maintenance as above, as a protection against the hassle and cost of a breakdown.

Please note many 'mal functions' are in fact small issues or no issues easily fixed / explained, if you suspect a mal function, please ring us and our technical expert will troubleshoot your machine over the phone first.

Note all machines are due General Service after 18 months, and earlier with sign of scale. You are also encouraged to bring your grinder for a service at the same time. More about our Workshop services, you can find here

7. Anything Else I need to Know before Buying the Equipment?

Yes, use the right accessories: There are 4 basic accessories required to make great espresso: a stainless steel, heavy duty tamper with a matching base to your basket, a tamper mat, a knock bin and a milk jug. You can get ALL that as a starter Kit for 50% off with any machine purchase. Simply choose 'Starter Kit' from the drop down box on your machine page and the discounted price will appear.  

8. What is Included FREE with My Machine?

  • 8% discount on a grinder if you need one
  • 50% discount on a Basic Starter Kit at $62 instead of $124 
  • FREE 500g Freshly Roasted Specialty Beans
  • FREE Backflush powder
  • In Sydney? Free one on one training in the hub. Interstate? Free First-Steps-Guide over the phone when your gear is ready to rock on your bench 
  • Unlimited technical and coffee making support over the phone, email, Skype, facebook or other channel to your choice, including after hours
  • DIY Service and Parts, modification and Technical diagrams support
  • Support documents with cleaning and maintenance advice, as well as water filtration advice
  • Testing and calibration the machine to Australian specification prior to dispatch
  • Grinder adjustment subject to your request
  • Secured goods strapped to a skid and insurance to guarantee replacement with damage in transit
  • 12 months labour and parts warranty. Local Agents in major capital cities 

9. Why You'd Want To Buy From Di Bartoli? 

When it comes to self praise we believe our customers are our best ambassadors! To us and to the Specialty Coffee industry. Thousands of people like yourself have come through our doors in the last 15 years and we were honoured to be there for them and share our passion for coffee and expert knowledge in equipment. I'd like to share with you what Marissa, Karen, Sue and others who are now thriving home baristas, had to say about buying their gear from us. Please click here to watch their short clips. To get to know us a little better and WHY we do what we do, you can click here or learn about the '7 Smart Reasons to Buy Your Equipment in Di Bartoli'.