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Toddy Cold Brewing System

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The Toddy Cold Brew System is designed to make coffeehouse calibre coffee which can be served hot or ice cold.

The traditional hot brewing method creates a higher level of acidity in coffee, which can be difficult for coffee connoisseurs who have a sensitive stomach. In 1964 Todd Simpson, a chemical engineering graduate, developed and patented this cold brewing system. It uses regular coffee beans and yields a superior tasting cup of steaming hot coffee; acidity levels are reduced by an amazing 67% compared to traditional hot brew methods. The coffee that is produced is bold, yet super smooth.


Easy Cold Brew Coffee – The simplest, most forgiving way to make cold brew coffee.

Versatile Cold Brew Concentrate – The cold brew concentrate can be stored for up to two weeks and can be used to make hot coffee, iced coffee, coffee ice cream, coffee cocktails, and beyond.

Low Acidity and Bitterness – Results in 67% less acidity and a low level of bitterness for smooth, approachable coffee.

Reusable Filters – Comes with 2 reusable filters for 6 months of total use.

Tea Compatible – Can also be used to make cold brew tea.


– Brew chamber with handle
– Glass decanter with lid (replacements available)
– 2 x reusable filters
– 1 x rubber stopper (replacements also available)
– instructions and recipe booklet.

NOTE: The filters should be replaced after 10-12 uses, or after 3 months.


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