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The Comb by Barista Hustle

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The Comb by Barista Hustle

Introducing The Comb by Barista Hustle, an improved take on the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) Tool, one of the most effective espresso distribution methods in many specialty barista’s espresso routine. With a soft silicone hexagon-shaped handle and replaceable 501 grade stainless steel needles this should be the go-to WDT Tool for daily use. There are a total of 25 holes in the handle and 30 needles supplied as standard, meaning that if any of the needles bend or break you have 5 needs spare you can instantly replace them; don’t throw the whole thing out! The needles the perfect thickness (0.35mm) but you can also change up the amount of needles in the tool itself to create your perfect WDT Tool.


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