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TempTag Thermometer Pack of 12

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TempTag is a sticker designed to give an instant indication when milk is at its optimum serving temperature for preparing milk-based coffees.

A fundamental part of serving a great coffee is consistency. The precision of the TempTag allows the user to serve coffee at a perfect temperature every time. Unlike traditional thermometers, TempTag has no direct contact with milk once applied to the milk pitcher correctly. This eliminates the possibility of cross contamination as well as promoting hygiene.

Once the milk reaches the ideal temperature, the colour will react, giving an instant indication that the milk is ready to be served.TempTag’s patented technology has been developed for full cream and skim milk, while another has been specially developed for soy milk to allow for the optimal heating temperature on the different varieties of milk. (65 deg C for Full Cream & Skim – 58 deg C for Soy)

The TempTag indicates when the perfect milk temperature is reached by changing colour.

* Ensure the metal jug surface is clean from grease and dust.

* Simply attach to your metal jug as illustrated below.

* Press and rub the sticker to ensure all air bubbles are pushed out and you have a solid bond.

* You may want to place an additional sticker on the opposite side for right or left handed use.

* Once ideal temperature is reached a yellow window will appear, shut off steam immediately.

* Turning the steam off as the colour starts to change will normally see the follow through or heat lag rise to the desired temperature

The TempTag is dishwasher safe, although caution must be taken if using strong chemicals which can damage the TempTag surface. (Temperature must be below 80 deg C) Please avoid using scourers and steel wool directly onto the TempTag. If the surface is broken replace with a new TempTag sticker. The performance of the TempTag is expected to display accurately for 3-6 months depending on the usage.

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