Naked/Bottomless Portafilters - E61 Compatible | Di Bartoli

Naked/Bottomless Portafilters – E61 Compatible

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Ever wondered exactly how good your distribution is? If you’d like to find out, this is the barista toy for you. A naked or bottomless portafilter will let you discover the effect distribution has on your shot, and is an invaluable training tool for any home or professional barista.

Apart from challenging your variables control, extraction with a naked handle would generate the purest flavour of coffee, as coffee would not go through the metallic bottom part of the handle nor the spouts. Easy to avoid medicinal, ashy, biter, astringent taste as a result of metal contact, particularly with a non-clean portafilter. Not to mention how impressive this centralized golden-honey mouse tail is to the onlookers!

We sell the E61 Naked Portafilter (Fits: Rocket, Isomac, La Nuova Era, Makim, Diademe, La Scala, Wega, ECM, Di Bartoli and few others.  Contact us if you are not sure).

We also carry original portafilters for the following brands


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