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Hottop B Home Roaster

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$2,499.00 inc. GST

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The Hottop Coffee Roaster has been developed in close cooperation with professional coffee roasters and knowledgeable users. This ensures that the Hottop Coffee Roaster produces truly excellent freshly roasted coffee.It has features normally found only on commercial coffee roasters, making it the most advanced home coffee roasting appliance available.

The Hottop Coffee Roaster has the largest roasting capacity of any domestic machine, so it will easily cope with a high demand. It also allows you to actually watch the beans as the roast progresses so that the roast level can be easily judged.

The Hottop Coffee Roaster is extremely quiet when operating so that the user can listen for the “cracks” which can be easily discerned even by the new user. It features also an external cooling tray that together with integrated cooling fan under the cooling tray means that the beans will cool very quickly. Fast cooling stops the roast faster and helps in locking the flavors in the beans for a fresher, more dynamic taste.

Other Features:

  • Easy to use with a details comprehensive manual to cover all your questions
  • Stylish and well build, using high quality electronic components, heavy duty motor, heavy gauge stainless steel drum, etc
  • Designed to last, made out of durable materials, such as high grade PVT and heat proof glass.

Includes 1kg green beans to your choice.

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