Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker Fretta

Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker Fretta

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If you like ice coffee, we’re certain you’ll love the simplicity of the Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker.

The unique design combines a 02 size V60 dripper cone, along with a 700ml practical capacity glass carafe.

Like the V60, the curved ridges on the inside of the cone help to control of water flow as it interacts with coffee grounds, resulting in optimal extraction during the brewing process.

To make ice coffee, simply fill the ice strainer with ice, and insert into the pot. As you extract your coffee it is rapidly cooled down and can be drunk immediately.

You can also use your Ice Coffee Maker to make hot coffee, simply by removing the ice strainer section.

Parts included: glass carafe, plastic ice funnel insert, plastic drip diffuser, drip cone, snap-in carafe lid, 10 sample Hario paper filters.

Dimensions: 180mm W x 120mm D x 220mm H

Click HERE for a handy guide on “How To Make V.60 Fretta Ice Coffee”.

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