Fellow Clara French Press Matte Black 24oz | Di Bartoli

Fellow Clara French Press Matte Black 24oz

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There are huge expectations whenever a new Fellow product is announced and the Fellow Clara French Press Matte Black 24oz delivers on thir track record of unique style, high quality and intution to one of the most humble coffee brewers known to mankind: the French Press (or Plunger). Fellow approach something as established as the French Press and re-design it from the ground up to create something that is a work of art and an incredible brewer all in one.

For the Fellow Clara French Press they have fixed one of the common irks about brewing with French Press: having the pouring spout in the correct direction. With an All Directional Pouring Lid you will never have to re-align the brew chamber or plunger. The Clara’s Enhanced Filtration Mesh is lightyears ahead of your variety mesh filter and gives you the best parts of the French Press brew (oils and body) with less of the nasty sludge that gets through a typical mesh filter. A provided Agiation Stick allows for easy stirring as well as clean up once you’ve finished brewing and have served your coffee.

Brewing is straightforward: add your coarse ground fresh roasted coffee and hot water off the boil and stir with the provided Agitation Stick and let it steep then serve once ready.


  • Stainless steep body and filter
  • BPA-free plastic lid and handle
  • Brew capacity: 24oz
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 170mm x 115mm x 200mm
  • Net weight: 917g

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