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Clean Machine Solution 100ml-Descaler

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No matter what machine you own, regular cleaning and descaling will increase the life of your coffee machine, preventing costly breakdowns and help you make great coffee.

Clean Machine Solution is a biodegradable, 100% organic de-scaling solution which also cleans metal components effectively and even removes dairy scum.

For AUTOMATIC coffee machines:

50ml of this product is recommended for one descale cycle and is a suitable replacement for other brands of liquids, powders or descale tablets. Refer to your machine’s manual for the correct descaling instructions.


Step1: Empty your machine’s water reservoir, pour in 1 litre of water mixed with 50 ml of Triple Action Formula. Place an empty container underneath the coffee outlet to capture waste (attach the group handle to machine where applicable).

Step 2 Turn machine on and begin the brew cycle. Turn the brew cycle on & off 3 – 4 times during this process and allow the solution to sit for 10 -15 seconds each time. If you have a steam wand or milk frothing device, allow the solution to run through it for approx. 30 seconds. Discard solution once it has run through the machine.

Step 3 Repeat steps 1 & 2 twice with fresh water

Please note that espresso machines with an aluminium made heating device (thermoblock, like in the Sunbeam, Breville or Delonghi, or a boiler, like in the Gaggia Classic), we recommend to descale regularly every 6 months.

If you have a commercially oriented machine with a 3 way valve (boiler / a Heat Exchange or a Twin Boiler), check our Clean Machine Powder for backflusing.

For Heat Exchange or Dual Boiler we reccommend using 50ml of descaler in a full 4L water tank

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