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AeroPress Coffee Maker

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The famous AeroPress is well loved, easy to use, easy to clean and super portable. As your espresso machine backup, something different to share with friends on a lazy Sunday or as your own personal coffee gear at work. Don’t get caught without an AeroPress, a must have for any coffee lover!

The AeroPressTM Coffee Maker is the simplest, fastest way to make a consistently good cup of coffee…anywhere!

Two minutes from start to clean up – and it’s compact as well.

All you need is hot water, so you can make and enjoy a coffee just about anywhere – home, the office, the building site, the camping ground and the caravan. Using hot water and gentle air pressure, it will brew rich flavored coffee with lower acidity and no bitterness, and unlike other press-type makers, it uses micro-filter paper to generate grit free coffee.

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