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Porlex Grinder

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Porlex Mini and Tall are available in New Style

The Porlex Ceramic Burr Grinder has an all stainless steel housing, making it easy to clean and less static than plastic grinders.  The conical ceramic burrs are superior in a few respects:

- They stay sharp for much longer than steel burrs

-They won't rust

- They are easier to clean the coffee oils from

The grind size is easily adjusted from inside the ground coffee compartment, and ranges from very coarse french press, all the way through to turkish. The setting of the burrs is the same or very similar to that of a Kyocera grinder. The capacity for whole beans on the Mini Porlex is about 21 grams which is enough for 1-2 cups while the Tall Porlex can hold up to 40 grams of beans.  There is a flange located underneath the burrs which adjusts how fine or coarse your grinds will be. Turning it to the right will tighten it and create finer grinds. About 7 to 8 clicks from the tightest position will give you a medium grind.

The mini measures 130mm high and the tall measures at 190mm high.  It's a perfect travel size and companion to the aeropress. 

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