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NanoPresso is available now in Black (+ case), Yellow, Orange and now introducing the ELEMENTS range including finishes such as Lava Red, Moss Green, Arctic Blue and Chill White. The black and elements range includes a hard, zippered case and the yellow and orange only have a drawstring bag.  

Also just arrived is the Nanopresso NS Adaptor, you can now use your Nespresso®** original capsule anywhere you go with the NanoPresso!

The NanoPresso Barista Kit is available now too. Make double shot and back to back coffees with larger coffee baskets and a bigger water tank.

Coming from the legacy of one of the most creative and innovative portable espresso maker, Nanopresso redefines the genre and sets new standards. Incredibly beautiful and elegant, it looks every bit as powerful as it is.


Packed with new features and capabilities, which will drastically improve the way you prepare your favorite coffee, Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile espresso machines. A truly unique addition to your coffee toolkit!



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  • 5
    Best espresso I’ve had at home in a long time

    Posted by ulrich adrian lobmayr on 19th Jul 2021

    I am a barista of 20+ years and I fully rate this product for any coffee snob that doesn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars on a bulky home machine

  • 5
    Not what I expected

    Posted by Stuart Walsh on 16th Sep 2018

    It is a wonderful gadget, especially out camping and at work where a good coffee means more to me than instant mud and the other horrid stuff in little canisters, this was like home makes it, perfect head on the coffee when it came out. Terrific gadget. Just need to have something that can make foam in such a small package and I would then have my favourite cappuccino's where ever I was.

  • 5
    Exceeded expectations!

    Posted by Philippa Rowlands on 1st Jan 2018

    We brought the Nanopresso on a trip to Japan, being uncertain as to whether we could find decent coffee. What a wonderful gadget it is. The build quality is fantastic, such a clever design and the best part is it makes a marvellous espresso shot - far better than anything I have tasted from an Aeropress. And we have even been using pre-ground (although high quality) coffee to save having to bring a grinder as well. Was a bit worried that the espresso grind might be a tad too fine, but it works perfectly - lovely crema, mellow flavoured, full-bodied shot. The only slightly annoying things is that I can’t get the puck to pop out whole from the portafilter, so have to dig it out with the handle of the little brush tool every time. But am otherwise extremely happy with it. It’s an exceptional machine - grab one now!