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Hottop Home Roaster KN--8828B-2

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The Hottop Coffee Roaster has been developed in close cooperation with professional coffee roasters and knowledgeable users. This ensures that the Hottop Coffee Roaster produces truly excellent freshly roasted coffee.It has features normally found only on commercial coffee roasters, making it the most advanced home coffee roasting appliance available.

The Hottop Coffee Roaster has the largest roasting capacity of any domestic machine, so it will easily cope with a high demand. It also allows you to actually watch the beans as the roast progresses so that the roast level can be easily judged.

The Hottop Coffee Roaster is extremely quiet when operating so that the user can listen for the "cracks" which can be easily discerned even by the new user. It features also an external cooling tray that together with integrated cooling fan under the cooling tray means that the beans will cool very quickly. Fast cooling stops the roast faster and helps in locking the flavors in the beans for a fresher, more dynamic taste.

Other Features:

  • Easy to use with a details comprehensive manual to cover all your questions
  • Stylish and well build, using high quality electronic components, heavy duty motor, heavy gauge stainless steel drum, etc
  • Designed to last, made out of durable materials, such as high grade PVT and heat proof glass.

Includes 1kg green beans to your choice.

We sell the following models:

  1. Hottop KN--8828B-2K 
  2. Hottop KN--8828B-2K+ 
  3. Hottop KN--8828P-2K 

All three roasters share almost all the same parts, other than what is noted below. The only difference between the tree models is the control panel and how the user interfaces with the machine. Hence the option of upgrading from one model to another by changing the control panel.  

The KN-8828B-2K+ is the flagship model. The control panel has infinite-rotation, speed-sensitive, rotary knobs to set target temperature, target time, heating element power, and fan speed. Clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease each of those settings. The "+" features two thermocouples; one monitors the bean temperature (BT) and the other the environmental temperature (ET). Both temperatures are simultaneously displayed on the control panel throughout the roast. The "+" also has a USB port that allows it to use third party software to graph and record roasts on a computer in real time as well as the opportunity to have the "+" be controlled by the computer as well. Read more..

The "B-2K" is a very good choice for someone who wants precise control over virtually all parameters of their roasts and doesn't mind making adjustments during a roast to get exactly what they want. Many "B" models have been sold to be used as sample roasters to small coffee roasting companies. The "B" gives the user the opportunity to control the power going to the heating element. It can be adjusted in 10% increments from 0% to 100% at any time once the roasting process begins until the beans are ejected. This control panel features push buttons to make the changes; select a parameter on the display and then use the arrow buttons to change the selected parameter. This level of control give you the opportunity to contour the roasting profile to create the taste you prefer in the cup. The main fan's speed can be adjusted from 0 to 100% in 25% increments. This gives you another tool to control the roasting profile. Read more.. 

The "P" model is for someone who, once they find a roast they like, would prefer to allow the roaster to go through its cycle with as little user attention and input as possible. This user if happy just getting something pretty close by just selecting a program and hitting a button. The KN-8828P-2 only affords control over the roasting temperature during the roast in a binary way by manipulating the current segment's temperature target. The heating control is is either on or off at any given time.
Other than that, If the user wants a specific profile, it has to be created by the user using the control panel and saved before the roast begins. If manual changes are made to the temperature during the roast, in order to use those changes in the future, the user must go back and modify the saved program when the roast is completed. Changes are not recorded during the roast so cannot be saved directly. Read more..

Click here for more about the differences between these 3 models

Click here for the KN-8828B AND KN-8828P Owner's Manual 

Upgrading Your Hottop Coffee Roaster

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  • 5
    esy to use.

    Posted by etienne on 31st Dec 2012

    it is not an iphone or Ipad but it is still easy to use but read the manual first as it is not that intuitive.

    As for the roasting results - it is a thumbs up