Brewing Differently with Varia

Brewing Differently with Varia

Have you heard about the Varia Multi Brewer? This unique device is one of the most versatile brewers on the market, with the ability to brew your favourite caffeinated beverage in six different ways! This gives you so many options to change up your brew style and go from cold brew to stovetop whenever you like. Let’s take a quick look at the different functionalities below.

1. Filter Coffee

A filter or pour over style coffee is pretty self-explanatory – you simply pour the water over the coffee to brew. Unlike immersion methods (we’ll get to that soon), the water only has a short amount of time in contact with the coffee bed before it drips out through a paper filter into your server. This short contact time provides a clean, delicate cup full of intricate flavours. To brew a pour over with the Varia, simply add the filter cone to the top of the jug, and the base cap to the bottom of the jug. Add your paper filter to the cone and follow your favourite recipe for brewing. (For some handy tips on recipes, check out the included manual.)

2. French Press Coffee

3. Cold Brew

Another great option for brewing on the Varia is cold brew. This brew method has a higher coffee-to-water ratio and brews with cold water instead of hot, which means you’ll need a longer brew time to get the perfect extraction. The result, however, is a strong, clean coffee concentrate which you can serve over ice, with milk, or just on its own. To make cold brew using the Varia, you’ll use the French Press plunger with the cold brew filter basket attachment. With the base cap attached to the jug, fill the jug with cold water and add your coarsely ground coffee beans to the filter basket. Add the plunger with the filter basket to the jug (pressed down so the coffee sits in the water), and leave it in the fridge to brew for anywhere between 10-12 hours.

4. Moka Pot (Stove Top)

5. Tea

Just need a nice cuppa? As well as a refreshing cold brew, the filter basket attachment for the plunger can also be used to brew your favourite tea! Add the boiler to the bottom of the jug, add some water to the jug, place the lid on top and boil the water on your stove. Add your tea leaves to the filter basket and replace the lid with the plunger component. Ensure the plunger is pressed down to steep your tea and enjoy.

6. Kettle

Not only does the Varia do a fantastic job of brewing your coffee and your tea, it can also be used in the kitchen as a normal kettle. The boiler base is super versatile and can be used on electric, gas, and induction stovetops and is crafted from high-quality stainless steel for durability and everyday use.

Varia have designed their Multi Brewer to be incredibly user-friendly, durable, and compact so you can use it in your kitchen or even take it with you as a travel brewer. With multiple brewing capabilities, a sleek design and quality parts, you won’t be disappointed with the Varia and will no doubt want to use it everyday, in every way.

Check the Varia Muli Brewer, the Varia Hand Grinder and the All-in-one Varia Bundle for the complete experience. Di Bartoli Coffee recommends the Sweet Maria blend for Stove top, Brazil for plunger and the Ethiopian Sidamo Filter for Filter coffee.