Your Coffee Tastes Foul? It's Time to Clean that Group Head

Your Coffee Tastes Foul? It’s Time to Clean that Group Head

So often we hear our customers complaining: ‘Our coffee doesn’t taste nice, it is bitter, rancid, rubbery or medicinal. Is my machine running too hot? Why can’t I get the same clean and enjoyable flavour I used to get before’? And our answer is: ‘When was the last time you’ve backflushed your group head?’

More often than none, the romantic notion of brewing an extraordinary espresso at home like the good barista around the corner takes over other less fun aspects of coffee making at home. The truth is that it isn’t a maintenance free hobby. Traditional espresso machines need a lot of TLC to keep pouring out the good stuff, and I never cease to be amazed at how much of an improvement a little scrubbing with a brush can give you. Far too many people neglect cleaning their machines, but if you want the absolute best espresso you can get, you need to take care of that gear!

To make life a dash easier, we have compiled for you the ‘
3 Easy Ways to Ensure your Coffee Doesn’t Taste Foul’. That should get your right on track with minimal rancid oils in your group head and much happier face with your next brew! 

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