Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Microlot: Honey processed Semi- washed

Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Microlot: Honey processed? Semi- washed? Pulped natural?


We are so excited! Our new Coffee of the Month, the Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Coopdota R.L. Honey Microlot is the first Honey processed coffee bean Di Bartoli ever introduced to our range. The honey process is also known as pulped Natural or Semi -washed. This coffee beans processing technique is relatively new and is associated with the third-wave coffee growers. It is in fact a hybrid between the 2 classic methods of processing: fully washed and natural.

Honey processed beans are dried the same as naturally processed coffees, however they are pulped prior to drying. The Pulped natural process begins like the washed process by pulping the harvested cherries. During this process the cherry is split open and the bean is squeezed out of the cherry skin with the sticky, sugary mucilage still attached. What happens after that will make all the difference between the fully washed and the honey processed beans. Read more..

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