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Di Bartoli Coffee is the winner of the BEST COFFEE EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER IN AUSTRALIA at the 2021 Food & Drinks Award 

We're absolutely stoked and so very proud of my team for reaching such a significant achievement! 

LUXlife is a luxurious lifestyle magazine in the UK that runs the Food & Drinks Awards yearly, exploring businesses that
strive to offer the best products, services, and experiences to their customers. Their merit-driven approach to nomination is a testimonial of the passion and commitment the Di Bartoli team has, that delivers consistent product quality, caring and helpful customer support, and quick and efficient orders fulfilment. 

We are delighted that despite the challenges we have had, like many other food businesses during COVID, our efforts are recognised and appreciated by luxury lifestyle market leader like LUXlife.

We've got the best team of prosumer equipment experts in the country, we live and breath Specialty coffee, and we have 15 years experience in bringing quality coffee to Australian homes in a friendly, accessible and supportive manners. You can buy a high end coffee machine for home on many web sites these days, but you can only get the care and support you need to step with confidence into this new world of flavours from Di Bartoli Coffee. 

Our team is here and ready for you. We invite you to take your first few steps with us here, or you can book your FREE consultation call today here

We can't wait connecting with you to find out how we can help with your coffee journey.


Who is Di Bartoli Coffee?

Di Bartoli is the first and the only Specialty Coffee company in Australia designed for coffee lovers who make quality coffee at home, in the office or while they travel. 

The Managing Director, Mr Renzo Castillo, has over 20 years experience in the coffee industry with an extensive knowledge of coffee equipment and working with thousands of Australian Coffee Lovers supporting them in their coffee journey.

Our extensive experience together with our unparalleled passion for coffee and people has enabled us to develop with the years, a unique, and proven system to support you in your journey of coffee appreciation at home. We are a small team of coffee gurus, and a determined one to take espresso excellence out of the exclusive grasp of professional baristas and share it with home users. We know that excellent coffee is within reach of every coffee lover: all you need is a bit of guidance, the right equipment, freshly roasted beans and a passion for coffee! Patience and fast learning come in handy, too!

We cater for all coffee lovers form the Plunger Coffee drinker to those who roast at home. However we cater best for the coffee connoisseurs who love experimenting with flavours and in their pursuit of that full-body, well-balanced, great after taste espresso. They are also usually ready to upgrade from a Thermoblock, Capsules or Fully Auto machine, to a boiler machine (Single, HX or Twin). They are the ones who will not go a day without Specialty Coffee Beans in the pantry and will subscribe to our coffee beans so they never run out!  

Our Promise to You:

Impartial and professional knowledge and support in choosing the right equipment for you. We tailor the options to your needs and abilities, show you what the equipment can do and help you narrow down the choices so you can buy with confidence!  

The latest and best quality equipment available on the Australian market, all meeting our tough criteria, all modified to Australian standards and all tested before it leaves our store. The equipment is competitively priced and before and after support is all FREE! 

Customised training by the best barista trainers in the industry, on your chosen equipment, absolutely FREE if you purchased your machine from us. 

 Access to all our educational support resources: new products, new technologies, new specialty single origins, How to guide, coffee related articles, community announcements and members special deal.  

The freshest, highest quality Specialty coffee beans, consistently. We roast every Monday and if you order before 1pm, you could be enjoying your fresh beans delivered the very next day! 

Efficient and fast technical support for all your needs from troubleshooting to General Service. Our technicians have 15 years of experience repairing machines and spare parts are always available.  

Active and supportive community committed to excellence in coffee, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram or join as a members below to keep in the know. 

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