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  • Attento Thermometer
    The Attento is a thermo-label which can be placed on your frothing jug. The label has liquid crystal slots which indicate the accurate temperature of the milk by turning from green to black as it heats up. Unlike probe...

    Price $19.95
  • Latte Pro Milk Jug 600ml
      Sorry this Item is Currently Out of Stock The Latte Pro is a new and uniquely designed milk frothing jug. It features a robust and durable liquid crystal display (LCD) thermometer INTEGRATED into the jug, reducing...

    Price $59.95
  • Short Thermometer Rhino
    The Rhino Short Thermometer has a simple to read dial that allows you to have an accurate measure of milk and other beverages.  The stainless steel clip allows the Rhino Short Thermometer to easily sit on the milk...

    Price $15.95
  • TempTag Thermometer
    TempTag is a sticker designed to give an instant indication when milk is at its optimum serving temperature for preparing milk-based coffees. A fundamental part of serving a great coffee is consistency. The precision of the...

    Price $29.95