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Please drop off / pick up your equipment at our loading dock at rear of our new venue at 647 Botany Rd, Rosebery. Entrance from Emanuel Lane, ring the bell at the gate to gain access. You're welcome to remain on site as long as you like, as there is plenty customer parking available!


Tired of sending your coffee machine away for repair for 3 weeks and struggling with bad coffee in the interim? Frustrated about the same breakdown happening again and again without a proper diagnosis? Or maybe you are concern to bring your machine for service as last repair bill elsewhere was so costly that you simply can't afford another hole in the pocket?

You are in the right place and we've got the right remedy for you! Read on..

Di Bartoli is the Service Agent of all the Prosumer Equipment Brands we sell. We repair also several other brands which we do not currently sell, please find it in the FAQ below.

We make and keep a promise to you no one else in Australia offers:

  • Reliability: we give you 3 months warranty on parts replaced in any repair
  • Professionalism: We don't compromise or cut corners. Our Service Team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams with Prosumer equipment repair in Australia. Renzo Castillo, our Service Manager, has been repairing espresso machines for over 20 years. We have access to all the spare parts, technical diagrams and know- how needed, as well as a technician in house daily to troubleshoot and help with parts purchase queries
  • Affordability: Our charges are fair and transparent. We will not undertake any major repair without your prior consent and will not add on charges not advertised beforehand
  • Efficiency: you will enjoy a quick, professional, hassle free and streamlined repair experience
  • Friendliness & Care: our Service Supervisor, Technician and Customer Care are all as passionate about meeting excellence in service as much as they are passionate about coffee and will make sure your experience is as pleasant and tailored as can be
  • Convenience: No lagging your heavy equipment far, we now have a parking spot just for you outside the workshop! 

Please Read Carefully our FAQ before bringing in your machine:

    • How much Service / Repair cost?
      Please click here to view our Technical Services Price List.

    • What do you do in a General Service?
      Please click here to view our Technical Services List.

    • Where can I download your Service Sheet?
      Please click here to download our Service Sheet.
    • Do I need to book the Service / Repair?
      No need to book, just bring the machine in. Machines are handled on first-best-dress basis. Please note Di Bartoli warranty breakdowns and interstate machines are eligible for priority service, ask us for more!

Please note it is our condition that all equipment brought for service/ repair MUST have a Service Sheet attached. If you plan to drop off your machine and drive away, please download it here, print and attach to the machine prior to drop off. Otherwise you will be asked to complete it in store. It is important to tell us exactly what's wrong with your machine. If there is a problem AND it's been over 18 months since last Service, please tick both 'Repair' & 'Service' and tell us the problem in details.

  • Is there any parking around?
    Plenty on site! Drop off at rear (access from Emanuel Lane) and stay for a visit in our new pop up store
  • What do I need to bring with my machine?
    Please leave the handles, the drainage tray and the drainage cover at home. Di Bartoli is not liable for any of the above items go missing during repair if brought to us. Don't forget to empty your water tank before bringing it in.
  • How long does it take?
    We turn around your machine in 7 working days but sometimes we manage to surprise you! In an event that parts are not available and we need to order it in, it may take few days more. 
  • How do I know my machine is ready?
    We let you know your machine is ready for a pick up via a text message to your mobile
  • Can I pay over the phone before picking up?
    Yes, If you expect to have some time in store and pick up cleaning products or freshly roasted beans, we can collect payment for everything in store. Otherwise, ring us before your pick up quoting the reference number on your text message and we'll process it over the phone for you.
  • Do you do home repair?
    Unfortunately not at this stage. If you have a plumbed in or a heavy machine, give us a call we may be able to refer a local mobile technician to you.
  • Do you offer pick up and drop off service?
    Yes, we pick up and drop off machines on Fridays only, between 9:00am-4:30pm . Note we only cover Sydney East, South, CBD & Inner west. Pick up & drop off is charged at $65 and will be added on the repair invoice. Please make sure you have your machine ready for a pick up (no water in tank, no handles, no tray, machine is dry and has cooled down) before you ring us to book it in.
  • Do you provide quotes only?
    Yes, if you'd like us to troubleshoot and diagnose your machine, it will cost you: $50. If you bring it for assessment and you decide to proceed with a repair with us, we will wave this fee off your repair bill.
  • What happens if I don't want to have the machine back from repair?
    If we've diagnosed your machine but you decided not to proceed with the repair work and leave it with us, you will need to pay $50 Diagnosis Fee and complete a discharge form transforming ownership of your machine to us. All machines needs to be picked up within 2 weeks of repair, after which Di Bartoli will be charging stocking fee. Any machine unclaimed in our workshop for over 3 months and all attempts to contact the owner were made unsuccessful, ownership will automatically transferred to Di Bartoli.
  • Can I repair my own machine?
    Unless you know what you're doing, or you are a certified technician, you can actually cause more harm to your machine and it's best to leave it to the professionals. However If you are in a remote area with limited access to a technician or if you are mechanically oriented, you can ring us for advice on what spare parts and cleaning products to purchase online, request diagrams and learn how to perform some of the simpler repairs or maintenance work.
  • Do you offer same day service if I live interstate?
    We will try our very best. Make sure you ring us few days before to see if it can be guaranteed. Please make sure your same day request is on the Service Sheet attached to the machine.
  • Can I courier my machine to you?
    Yes, however Di Bartoli will not be held liable to any damage incurred in transit on the way to us. Note we will only courier the machine back to you if not in the original box and all steps were taken to prevent damage in transit. Ring us for a quote on courier fees back to you.
  • What brands do we repair?
    We repair all the espresso machines brands we sell:
    Vibiemme , Bezzera , Profitec, Di Bartoli, Rocket, Gaggia (Only Classic model), ECM, Expobar, Rancilio, Isomac, Melita, Wega, Nuova Simonelli
  • We repair and sell the following grinders brands:
    Mazzer, Isomac, ECM, Profitec, Gaggia, Iberital, Macap, Anfim (ECA), Mahlkonig, Compak
  • We also repair the following brands we don't sell:
    Brasilia, Diadema, Ascaso, La Scala, BFC, Cuadra, Nuova Era
  • What brands of machines we don't repair?
    We don't repair fully automatic machines (like Jura, Gaggia Titanium, Saeco) or any domestic thermoblock machines like: Sunbeam, Breville, De Longhi, Krups, Illy, Nespresso, Gaggia manual (besides the Gaggia Classic).
  • How often should I bring my machine for service:
    Advice would vary between technologies, the usage of the machine, frequency of cleaning and whether you use filtered water at home. However on average, we recommend every 18th months
  • What do I need to do between Services to keep my machine in good conditions?
    Here are the fundamentals for all single boiler / heat exchange / twin boiler machines:
    Use filtered water rather than normal tap water to minimise lime scale build-up on internals and impact the machine's performance. Click here for our recommended solution. Contact us for best advice for SA, WA and NT.
  • Backflush your machine every fortnight or every 1kg of coffee. Only machines with a release solenoid valve can be backflushed. Contact us if you are not sure about your machine. You will need a powder and a blind filter for backflushing.
    Clean your grinder every 6 months with Grindz tablets

Detailed guide for an E61 Heat Exchange preventive cleaning is available here:
'3 Easy Ways to Ensure your Coffee Doesn't Taste like Dishwater'