E61 Home Servicing Kit

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This E61 Home Service Kit is a 'Revival' Kit that can get you out of trouble when your machine is due service but you can't find the time taking it to your local service agent.
You may experience water not flowing from the group head, your group head might be leaking, or the steam wand pressure is weak. 

You will find in the kit:

This kit is only available for espresso machines with an e61 group head. The correct size seal will vary depending on the model of espresso machine as well as its age. Please specify your machine's brand, model and age in the fields so we can match the best seals for you.

With this kit you can replace the shower screen and seal, clean the inside of the grouphead, remove your filter basket from the portafilter for cleaning, replace group head seals and poke your steam
nozzle hole's to unblock the tips filled up with dairy residue.

There's a chance that doing all that will get your machine going for a little while longer!

Please note that while we encourage people to undertake light servicing themselves, we would also recommend whenever possible General Service performed by an experienced service technician.
Click here to find out more about our Service Centre. Detailed description of what we do in a General Service is found here

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