Who, me? Cupping? you're kidding me...

1st Dec 2019

Coffee Cupping is what Renzo is doing every time we have a new micro-lot offering arriving and we need to asses its cup quality. Is the flavour distinct enough? complex enough? shall we introduce it as a special origin of the month or do we start using it in one of our blends?

Cupping is simply the practice of observing tastes and aromas of brewed coffee, by following a standard cupping procedure. As cupping is done in our open kitchen, we are repetitively asked by our regulars about the nature of all those bowls, slurping and spitting, looking more like an ancient ritual rather then coffee appreciation related activity! 

So like in any other areas of the home coffee making, we set ourselves to demystify Cupping and give those who are intrigued, an easy access for the understanding of the concept and basic principles, challenging our palate and sensory organs. Cupping can be conducted at home as well as a measuring tool for the coffee taste, evaluating its body, sweetness, acidity and aftertaste. All it requires is some gear, following protocol and a list of coffee aromas and tastes you can relate to...

The bunch joining us on Valentine's Day for the Sensory Experience / Cupping session did an incredible job! Bravely cupped all through our never ending 11 different single origins. Thrown into the unknown of a professional Score Sheet armed with not much more than a pen and a taster wheel to draw an inspiration from. We've had Paul on the cupping tutoring (thank you Paul!), Renzo in-charge of preparation and protocol, and Betty on the camera. It surely takes time getting your head around rules and terminologies but once it becomes clearer and more simple it can help us education our palate and start enjoying more coffee nuances with any brewing methods we use at home, whether its espresso, siphon, stove top or filter.

Another effective way of aligning our ability to recognize certain coffee aromas with reality, is trying the Le Nez Du Cafe Sensory Kt before cupping and storing some of the scents in our memory. Click here for our Facebook Photo Album from the event. Email me if you want to know more about cupping, put your name down for our next appreciation event or share some ideas of what you would like to experience in it! 

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