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"Di Bartoli Coffee, Sydney helped us to find the perfect "Prosumer" coffee maker, German Design, Italian Build, narrow counter footprint. It's lovely and the coffee is spectacular. Di Bartoli guided us, without pressure, to learn, to understand and to choose wisely. And then, a free Skype lesson! They are amazing. Thank you, Di Bartoli"

Kat Martin 4/5/2020,

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"I've been a customer of Renzo and Ofra for years. I'd previously bought equipment (my Mini Mazzer), coffee beans, books, DVDs, cups and glasses from them. Renzo had also serviced my Giotto a couple of times. I've been to some of their functions (including a cupping workshop) in the shop and to their stall at the Rocks Coffee Festival.

I’ve also spent time just being a bum hanging around in the shop enjoying being able to talk coffee with people who know and love this world. A particular highlight for me was an afternoon spent in the shop while Renzo unboxed and put into a service for the first time a Hottop roaster. It was a Geek-out session equivalent to what it must be like for devoted Trekkies who go to those big conventions in the US.

Renzo and Ofra are people I really like and respect; I also trust their advice. There is a generosity in the way they run the business and share their knowledge of and passion for all things coffee-related.

My Giotto had been good to me. It was about 9 years old and I'd well and truly had my money’s worth from the machine. I recently had an impulse while brushing my teeth in the shower: ‘buy a new espresso machine’ cycled through my mind. Three quarters of an hour later I was in Bondi Junction telling Renzo that I was there to buy! He smiled at me and said, “Great. You’re Giotto is getting on a bit”. Renzo’s smile wasn't that of guy anticipating a purchase; it was the smile of a guy about to share his passion.

Renzo took me through the options, including the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V.2 and the Vibiemme Domobar Super Double Boiler. He then showed me the Profitec Pro 700. I'm a coffee Geek, but I hadn't heard of Profitec. Renzo ran through the features of the machine and said that very few had come back with faults in the period since he had been selling them. I liked the idea of going from a heat exchanger to a double boiler. The deal was done.

It was love at first sight and a week into my relationship with this stunner the love is growing stronger.

I could not be happier with my purchase.

If you are considering the Profitec (or any of the great range of quality machines that DiBartoli stocks), I'd recommend going in and talking to Renzo or Ofra. They'll make you a coffee and will talk you through the options, and treat you like you are intelligent.

Great business, lovely people, happy new Profitec owner".

Scotty F 27/5/2016
Lewisham, Sydney

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"Hi Everyone

I just wanted to post about my experience buying my new espresso machine and grinder from Di Bartoli.

I had previously owned a Gaggia Classic over the past 17 years and although I have pulled some decent espresso shots it is very difficult to do consistently time after time. The time to wait for the single boiler to come up to temperature to steam and then cool down again for shots etc when I had guests was a laborious process.

After much research and having used a friends Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 I put it out to the Coffee Snobs sponsors to quote on a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 and Mazzer Mini combo.

Di Bartoli were the first to call me personally and after some additional emails and calls with Renzo and Ofra I knew they were passionate and valued the relationship with their customers and the deal was done.

We have since done our training with Renzo which was really enjoyable and has now given my wife the confidence to use the machine as it’s so much easier than the Gaggia. Renzo’s Knowledge is amazing and even though I have been making espresso for some time I still managed to pick up some great info for example how to extract different flavours out of the exact same shot by the way the milk is added.

Renzo never rushed us and even gave me some advice on roasting which I have started getting into.

Renzo and Ofra are always quick to respond to any email queries I’ve had even after hours which has been really great.

Bottom line guys upgrading to a higher end machine can be a significant investment so make sure it’s backed up by great support like Di Bartoli offer."

Paul Buttie 14/4/2016
Sydney, NSW

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"Hi Renzo

I would just like to thank you and your team for the excellent buying experience I enjoyed with the recent purchase of a coffee machine from you.

I came Into your store with very little idea of the style of machine I wanted. I have done this previously in other stores and the result was quite different. The fact that you spent the time giving us all the information to assist ME on what bested suited us, was very encouraging. In the end I felt confident that I had made an informed choice. I especially want to thank you you not being offended by my very "challenging" questions. I am the sort of person who likes to know a lot, before making a decision. Your knowledge and patience was really very much appreciated.

Last but not least, you shipped the machine on a skid like you said you would, on the day you said you would, and thankfully it arrived in perfect condition, all the way to sunny Hobart!

I am very happy with my brand new shiny Profitech Pro 700, and all I need now is tons of practice and experimentation.

Thanks again."

Clive Aver 16/2/2016
Hobart, TAS