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"Don’t know where to begin. Here I am, flown in from the USA for my Hotel Quarantine Tour. Get off the plane and get checked into Hotel Novotel. Which by the way, is spectacular. They bend over backwards for the over 500 people quarantining that they have here at the moment. I could rave about how wonderful they have been all day, but that is not the reason of me writing to you.

You see, I started my first morning, ready for some coffee. Of course, how could I forget, Australia is known for its amazing coffee, unless you're stuck with a kettle and a few pouches of what I call SHITstant. Incase you didn’t get the reference that’s the Nescafe Instant coffee that they make sound more appealing by putting “Blend 43” on it. Yuck!

I was immediately determined to find something that I could order with HASTE to satisfy my need for a good coffee. I brought my AeroPress and that does make a good coffee, but was looking for something a little easier and less messy. Having used a Hario V60 before, that is what I was in the market for. Did a quick google, for I don’t even remember the search string I used, but a place called Di Bartoli popped up. It said free same day shipping if before 1:00. I couldn’t believe it. Had I found Heaven? The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

I quickly picked up the phone and called the number on google. SOO GLAD I DID! A bloke, because Im in Aus. I think i can use that, lol, picked up the phone with a very chipper attitude. Sounded like he had been drinking the good stuff, and I don’t mean booze, I mean beans. His name was Ben. Ben was a guy who wasn’t a salesman but a connection making friend that never tried to up sell me. I told him what I was after, a Hario V60, filters, and Coffee, I knew I was in the right hands. After asking questions on my flavor and type of coffee preference, he made a recommendation that I couldn’t refuse. Ben packaged it all up and had the package with the carrier that day for its journey to my lovely humble 14 day abode. It arrived in the morning, just as promised by Ben. Everything in the box. Even an awesome Souvenir that not many people in this world have the kindness and forthought that Ben showed! He sent me and Autographed Cup as you will soon see in the attached images. And even after all that, Ben personally called me the next day to check on the delivery to make sure I got everything as needed. That, ladies and gentleman, is FIRST CLASS SERVICE!

I've now finished my second cup of the, no mess, most delicious coffee in the Stoke mug that is the perfect size! Ben, thank you so much. The sincere treatment, and the un arrogant knowledge that some salesman may have, you really are going to make my stay a hundred times better!

To the owners and bosses of Di Bartoli, Benjamin Beveridge (as stated on the invoice) is an employee to hang on to for years to come as Im sure he will bring lots of great customer service that translates customers for life like myself that translate to as you know more sales and larger profits. Put that man in for a raise. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Ben, It's been a real pleasure.

I will have my Brother-in-Law and anyone else I can sing your praises to in my journey of/through Australia, at this point mainly Tasmania, if I am ever able to get there during these times lol, buy filters from you as well as coffee and all other coffee needs."

Thank You Again Ben and Team!

Tyler Geist 7/8/2020,




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"Di Bartoli Coffee, Sydney helped us to find the perfect "Prosumer" coffee maker, German Design, Italian Build, narrow counter footprint. It's lovely and the coffee is spectacular. Di Bartoli guided us, without pressure, to learn, to understand and to choose wisely. And then, a free Skype lesson! They are amazing. Thank you, Di Bartoli"

Kat Martin 4/5/2020,

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"I've been a customer of Renzo and Ofra for years. I'd previously bought equipment (my Mini Mazzer), coffee beans, books, DVDs, cups and glasses from them. Renzo had also serviced my Giotto a couple of times. I've been to some of their functions (including a cupping workshop) in the shop and to their stall at the Rocks Coffee Festival.

I’ve also spent time just being a bum hanging around in the shop enjoying being able to talk coffee with people who know and love this world. A particular highlight for me was an afternoon spent in the shop while Renzo unboxed and put into a service for the first time a Hottop roaster. It was a Geek-out session equivalent to what it must be like for devoted Trekkies who go to those big conventions in the US.

Renzo and Ofra are people I really like and respect; I also trust their advice. There is a generosity in the way they run the business and share their knowledge of and passion for all things coffee-related.

My Giotto had been good to me. It was about 9 years old and I'd well and truly had my money’s worth from the machine. I recently had an impulse while brushing my teeth in the shower: ‘buy a new espresso machine’ cycled through my mind. Three quarters of an hour later I was in Bondi Junction telling Renzo that I was there to buy! He smiled at me and said, “Great. You’re Giotto is getting on a bit”. Renzo’s smile wasn't that of guy anticipating a purchase; it was the smile of a guy about to share his passion.

Renzo took me through the options, including the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V.2 and the Vibiemme Domobar Super Double Boiler. He then showed me the Profitec Pro 700. I'm a coffee Geek, but I hadn't heard of Profitec. Renzo ran through the features of the machine and said that very few had come back with faults in the period since he had been selling them. I liked the idea of going from a heat exchanger to a double boiler. The deal was done.

It was love at first sight and a week into my relationship with this stunner the love is growing stronger.

I could not be happier with my purchase.

If you are considering the Profitec (or any of the great range of quality machines that DiBartoli stocks), I'd recommend going in and talking to Renzo or Ofra. They'll make you a coffee and will talk you through the options, and treat you like you are intelligent.

Great business, lovely people, happy new Profitec owner".

Scotty F 27/5/2016
Lewisham, Sydney