Profitec Pro 700 V2 Double Boiler

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The Profitec Pro 700 V2 Double Boiler espresso machine has everything you will ever need in a machine - commercial grade rotary pump, run off it's internal tank or plumb it, independent brew and steam boiler controlled with a digital PID and dual gauges for steam pressure and brew pressure.


  • Dual boiler
  • PID-display for the individual temperature adjustment of both boilers
  • PID-display indicates the brewing time in seconds
  • E61 brew-group
  • Rotary pump
  • Wear-free rotary valves
  • High-end, `no-burn´ steam and hot water wands
  • Separate grid to raise cups
  • Boiler and pump pressure gauges
  • Stainless steel boiler with 0.75 l volume for espresso preparation
  • Steam and hot water boiler in stainless steel with a 2.0 l volume
  • Steam boiler with separate on/off switch
  • Boiler insulation
  • Two heaters with 1 x 1200 Watts and 1 x 1400 Watts
  • Switchable from water tank to fixed water connection
  • Water tank with a 3 l volume and water tank connector
  • Automatic shut-off by way of low water volume sensor
  • Large drip tray with a 1 l capacity
  • Removeable cup tray
  • Voltage 230V / 110V / 240V
  • Weight 31 kg / 68.4 lbs
  • Dimensions W x D x H: 340 x 475 x 420 mm without portafilter
  • 340 x 590 x 420 mm with portafilter

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  • 4
    Great machine overall

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2022

    This machine is beautifully crafted and looks to be very well designed and built from high quality parts. The rotary pump along with the weight of the machine and the rubber padding on the feet result in minimal noise when the pump is running. So far the only items I have seen which may be improved are:
    (a) PID adjustment takes some getting used to; you've got to be fast because the timeouts are short.
    (b) Perhaps the manual (at least the English section) can be rewritten to be a bit more clear about the brew boiler's filling process and that the over-temperature breakers will trip if you ever forget to check that the brew boiler is not empty.
    (c) More comprehensive documentation of the PID display - particularly the error codes. My unit was delivered with 'A.1' on the PID display and I was wondering what that was.
    (d) although generally excellent construction, there may be some quality control issues with the electronics assembly at the factory. My machine was delivered with an in-line connector which was not correctly assembled. A pin on the PID side of the connector was not correctly inserted and as a result it was only making intermittent contact and the brew boiler's temperature readings were faulty. Given the cost of the machine I'd expect better scrutiny in the assembly of a 5-cent part. However, once that fault was fixed everything worked flawlessly.

  • 5
    Best machine I've owned.

    Posted by Kevin on 15th Jun 2021

    Between having a PID, dual boilers, shot timer and individual pressure gauges, Profitec have really crafted an exception machine with this unit. I've barely started using it and yet in producing consistently stellar shots from it with relative ease. I did swap out the basket for an 18g VST and matched Pullman tamp rather than the included, but otherwise just running it as-is. Next steps will be the flow control upgrade and plumbing it in with filter and flow restrictor, excited for the years of fun ahead.

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    Still going strong

    Posted by Richard on 30th Sep 2019

    I have been using Profitec 700 v1 every day for 5 years and it hasn't missed a beat. Coffee is a still amazing and it looks as good as the day I bought it from Renzo.

    The only constructive comment is - and this seems to apply to most machines in this league - why can't they think to include a 'low water' level notification. It clearly can sense low water but just doesn't bother telling you until its too late. Two scenarios where this becomes a bit frustrating.

    First, when you have your machine on a timer to warm up first thing in the morning. Your last shot the day before left the water level low. Early in the morning, the machine clicks on with the timer, fills the boiler and the water level sensor realises the water level is too low and the boilers switch off. You get up ready to make your first coffee for the day with your pre warmed up machine and find your machine stone cold. You the have to spend 10 minutes filtering water to fill the tank and 20 minutes for it to heat up.

    Second, you have the machine one, guests around, and just decide to do a round of coffees. Midway through your first shot the boilers switch off because the water level drops too low. So then you have to take the top off, water, fill your water filter juug, wait 10 minutes to filter enough water to fill the tank - and then start making coffees again.

    Really? All that hassle could be saved just by having light or message come up on the PID to give a BIT of advance notice that your water level is too low.

    With my use a full tank lasts about a week - mostly. But an extra cuppa on the week or an extra run of hot water to speed up the warm up and it runs out earlier. You shouldn't have to worry about such things on a machine of this quality.

    Like the over reviews have said everything else about the machine is extremely well designed and rock solid - even after 5 years continuous use.

    Maybe in V3.

  • 5
    Love my new Profitec Pro 700

    Posted by Eric on 15th Nov 2017

    What a great machine. While getting my nine year old Giotto serviced at Di Bartoli, I suffered a bout of upgradeitis and bought a Profitec Pro 700.

    I was originally thinking of another Rocket HX (plumbed), but after doing some research decided I was more interested in a double boiler for more control.

    Things I love about the Pro 700:
    - it’s beautiful. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such reflective SS
    - the PID panel is so easy to use, is accessible, and having it as a shot timer is a bonus
    - the steam is da bomb; loads of steam and a four hole tip - do quick!
    - the rotary pump is SO QUIET; it’s a joy after the Giotto’s vib
    - you can get to the water reservoir without having to remove all the cups - the whole top panel is a tray which lifts off, cups, cup rail and all! I didn’t used to put cups on my Giotto for this reason. Design genius!
    - the drip tray is pretty huge (compared to my old Giotto)
    - it just feels high quality and solid
    - if (when) I plumb it in, line pressure can be used for pre-infusion

    I’ve had it for almost a week now and am very happy - awesome to see it on the bench. Loving the shots I’ve been getting from day one, and am looking forward to trying some single origins with some PID adjustments.

  • 5
    Profitec Pro 700 is The Bomb

    Posted by Scotty F, Citizen of the People's Republic of Lewisham on 26th May 2016

    I've been a customer of Renzo and Ofra for years. I'd previously bought equipment (my Mini Mazzer), coffee beans, books, DVDs, cups and glasses from them. Renzo had also serviced my Giotto a couple of times, and replaced a pump, controller and the steam controller handle and piping. I've been to some of their functions (including a cupping workshop) in the shop and to their stall at the Rocks Coffee Festival.

    I’ve also spent time just being a bum hanging around in the shop enjoying being able to talk coffee with people who know and love this world. A particular highlight for me was an afternoon spent in the shop while Renzo unboxed and put into a service for the first time a Hottop roaster. It was a Geek-out session equivalent to what it must be like for devoted Trekkies who go to those big conventions in the US.

    Renzo and Ofra are people I really like and respect; I also trust their advice. There is a generosity in the way they run the business and share their knowledge of and passion for all things coffee-related.

    My Giotto had been good to me. It was about 9 years old and I'd well and truly had my money’s worth from the machine. I recently had an impulse while brushing my teeth in the shower: ‘buy a new espresso machine’ cycled through my mind. Three quarters of an hour later I was in Bondi Junction telling Renzo that I was there to buy! He smiled at me and said, “Great. You’re Giotto is getting on a bit”. Renzo’s smile wasn’t that of guy anticipating a purchase; it was the smile of a guy about to talk to about a shared passion.

    Renzo took me through the options, including the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V.2 and the Vibiemme Domobar Super Double Boiler. He then showed me the Profitec Pro 700. I'm a coffee Geek, but I hadn't heard of Profitec. Renzo ran through the features of the machine and said that very few had come back with faults in the period since he had been selling them. I liked the idea of going from a heat exchanger to a double boiler. The deal was done.

    I don't know if the Profitec is a BMW or an Audi, but it's definitely German and it’s definitely fabulous. It was love at first sight and a week into my relationship with this stunner the love is growing stronger.

    I agree with Rob's review when he says the on-line photos don't do the machine justice. It's beautiful on the bench. There are lots of features of this machine that you find yourself really enjoying.

    I didn't tend to keep cups and glasses on top of my Giotto. To access the water reservoir you had to rearrange things or load them onto the bench, before putting them all back in place. The Profitec has a removable tray that is easy to pick up (with your cups and glasses in place) and then put it back onto the top of the machine after you've filled the tank. It's a simple but nice bit of really practical design. The fittings to plumb the machine are also included in the kit in the box.

    The Profitec’s PID gives information in relation to temperature for both boilers and a countdown timer for extraction time. I'm convinced that the visual feedback of the timer has made me go back to the basic physics of espresso: grinder settings, tamp pressure, extraction. I’ve not played with changing heat settings yet, but I have fiddled with extraction time and found that you can get beautiful extractions under the 25/27 second mark that we all learn when starting out. I've got DiBartoli's Sweet Maria blend in the hopper and I've not pulled a bad shot so far.

    My Giotto had a really noisy pump. Anyone who has owned or used one will know the sound of the Giotto (at least older ones like mine) drawing water. The Profitec's rotary pump is almost silent.

    The power from the steam wand took me a bit of getting used to. The Giotto was good, but the Profitec is off the dial. Getting milk texture right at first needed a bit of practice, especially using a small jug for a single coffee. I'm now confident with getting a velvety texture even with a small jug or small milk quantity.

    The build quality of the Profitec is incredible. It's 31kg of German goodness.

    I could not be happier with my purchase.

    If you are considering the Profitec (or any of the great range of quality machines that DiBartoli stocks), I'd recommend going in andtalking to Renzo or Ofra. They'll make you a coffee and will talk you through the options, and treat you like you are intelligent.

    Great business, lovely people, happy new Profitec owner.

    Scotty F, Citizen of the People’s Republic of Lewisham

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    The BMW of Espresso Machines

    Posted by James on 22nd Apr 2016

    Another really fine example of German engineering.

    Everything is strong, robust, heavy and shiny. PID control is ultra precise and easy to fine tune. Teamed with the ultra fine and ultra fast Profitec T64 Grinder, this setup is light years ahead of my previous machines. Intense flavour extraction and creamy microfoam in a flash.

    It all gets done so quickly, now I just need to hone my barista skills and learn a bit of latte art.

  • 5
    You get what you pay for: Awesome machine

    Posted by Rob on 21st Sep 2015

    I am very happy with my Profitec Pro 700. Performs how you would expect for a dual boiler with E61: great esspresso and heaps of steam for milk drinks. The photos do not give this machine justice - it is a lot shinier in the flesh!
    Aside from awesome coffee - the machine comes with a few little extras that add to make this thing incredible: water tank doesn't have those silicone hoses in it (draws water from the base of the tank), the machine comes with a hose for plumbing it, it also comes with an attachment for the drop tray so you can plumb that as well (it attaches to the machine chassis under the drip tray - you can still remove the tray for cleaning). In short - out of the box it comes with everything you need to plum it in.