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Premium Single Origins

All our Single Origins are 100% Arabica and are sourced from the best farms in a variety of cultivating regions in the world, using best practices, and being a part of sustainability programs supporting the living standards, health and education of the farmers. Some guaranteed profit is invested back into the farm for acquiring new technologies. Each coffee has its own unique story.

Single Origins are generally recommended for black coffee as it lacks the complexity and body a blend will have which can cut through milk and taste as medium to full body in the cup. Saying so, if you like Piccolos or standard Latte size cups you may still enjoy a fuller bodied origin like the Indian Monsoon or the Brazil Caldas Roale, both would have medium body to present enough flavours in the cup, Brazil being more nutty and the Indian adding a smoky / earthy edge to your beverage. We love our Colombian as a straight espresso. The Limou is one day chocolaty and the other berry - like. Both of our Filter roast offerings, the Sidamo or the Yirgacheffe, are the go-to for your AeroPress , V60, Chemex and other alternative brewers. Click here  for help on how to choose the right Origin for you.