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Most Popular Grinders


You will find below a list of the most popular short listed brands and models of grinders Di Bartoli carries on its range. These grinders scored the highest value score in a survey we have conducted recently, backed up with statistics of grinders sold throughout the years in our business, as well other elements, like: breakdown statistics, availability of parts, temperature stability, steam delivery, aesthetics, capacity of internals, importer's technical support and price. As people change, so this list will change with time. If you are not sure how to choose between them, you can review our "how to choose the right grinder for you" guide or call us on 02 9389 9892 to chat to one of our Machines Specialists. 


  • Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder


    Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder

    The Rancilio Rocky is the ideal partner for the single boiler Rancilio Silvia machine and is one of our favourite entry level burr grinders, offering a wide range of grind adjustment, low static (minimises clumping) and high reliability. The large range...

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  • Macap M2M Grind On Demand


    Macap M2M Grind On Demand

      The latest improved M2M has stepless adjustment, clearer collar, metal trigger and stronger group handle support The Macap M2M is the younger brother of the famous Macap M4 and is price to fly. It features 50mm commercial grade steel burrs,...

    $560.00 - $660.00
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  • K3 Push Matte Black


    Compak K3 Push OD

    The Compak K3 Push OD grinder is designed for instant grinding (fresh coffee) of decaffeinated or gourmet coffee. Suitable for every grind size from cafetiere and drip coffee to espresso. Colours Available: Black This model comes with a Gourmet...

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  • Quamar Q50 Push

    Quamar Q50 Push

    Quamar Q50 Push is a professional coffee grinder with flat grinders diameter of 54 mm, ideal model for anyone who wants professionalism and precision grinding at home.  It comes by default with a short hopper and available also as a...

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  • ECM C54


    ECM C54

      Struggling with inconsistent grind size? Coffee is great one day and bad the other? Chances are that the pre-ground coffee you buy, or the blades in your domestic grinder are letting you down. Time to invest in a quality...

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  • Eureka Mignon Specialita 55E 16CR


    Eureka Mignon Specialita 55E 16CR

    Order Now - Ships From Mid-July 2021 The Eureka Mignon Specialita 55E is a small footprint grinder with silent technology and large 55mm flat burrs. This makes the Specialita a perfect companion for a small footprint home espresso setup or a low-noise...

    $920.00 - $1,059.00
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  • Quamar Q50E

    Quamar Q50E

      Quamar has developed the Q50E, A new electronic coffee grinder with flat grinders diameter of 54 mm, ideal model for anyone who wants professionalism and precision grinding at home.  It comes by default with a short hopper...

    $920.00 - $980.00
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  • Mazzer Mini Electronic Mod A. Grinder


    Mazzer Mini Electronic Mod A. Grinder

    The Mazzer Mini's commercial build quality has made it increasingly popular with home users. A hard-wearing 64mm burrset and powerful motor ensure a longer lifespan and prevent excess heat, while the 400g bean hopper gives you some headroom to enjoy the...

    $1,190.00 - $1,290.00
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  • Eureka Atom Black


    Eureka Atom 60E

      Eureka, established in 1920, is one of the oldest grinder companies in world. Nowadays Eureka ATOM Grinder is one of the biggest hit in the market.  It is packed neatly with programmable settings, doserless and step-less adjustment. LCD...

    $1,242.00 - $1,422.00
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  • Rocket Faustino


    Rocket Faustino

    The Rocket Faustino Chrome is a striking looking, powerful and elegant pair up with your Prosumer espresso machine. It has it all: digital dosing, high grind precision with stepless adjustment and a worm drive gear, funnel for static free grind and...

    $1,099.00 - $1,279.00
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  • ECM S-Automatik 64


    ECM S-Automatik 64

    This impressive grinder ticks a lot of boxes for the home barista. It is elegant, simple yet sophisticated at the same time. Like the Profitec T64 it also has 64mm burrs, micrometric adjustment and digital programming. Its...

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  • Profitec Pro T64


    Profitec Pro T64

    AVAILABLE NOW   The Profitec Pro T64 grinder is very impressive!  Note that the photo shows a dark hopper but that the latest stock has a clear hopper - so that you can see the level of coffee remaining! It features 64mm flat burrs,...

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