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Milk Jugs

  • Barista Pro Gear  Milk Jug 400mL

    Barista Pro Gear

    Barista Pro Gear Milk Jug 400mL

      The Barista Progear jug is a high quality food grade stainless steel milk jug. It features etched increments in ounces and millilitres on the internal side of the jug which helps decrease milk waste. The jug is great for texturing milk, latte art...

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  • Rhino Stealth Milk Jug Non -Stick


    Rhino Stealth Milk Jug Non -Stick

      What's special about Rhinowares Teflon Professional Milk Pitchers? These non-stick milk pitchers answer the coffee industry's plea for a pitcher which is super easy to keep clean! The teflon finish combines convenience with quality. Features...

    $31.96 - $35.16
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  • Blue Ocean

    Barista Supplies

    Barista Supplies Milk Jug 600ml

    The Barista Supplies Teflon milk jugs are sleek in style and functional in use. This new generation of ‘Non Stick Coloured Milk Jugs’ combines good looks with durability and practically. Makes for effortless pouring and latte art. And have we...

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  • Latte Pro Milk Jug

    Latte pro

    Latte Pro Milk Jug

      The Latte Pro Milk Jug is a new and uniquely designed milk frothing jug. It features a robust and durable liquid crystal display (LCD) thermometer INTEGRATED into the jug, reducing the need for unreliable and time consuming stick thermometers...

    $29.95 - $54.95
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  • Motta Europa Milk Jug


    Motta Europa Milk Jug

        The Motta milk jug features a high quality stainless steel with a mirror finish, and a long and deep spout, making those Latte Art finer lines on top of your coffee so much easier to create. It allows a stead flow of the milk to the cup,...

    $55.00 - $77.00
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  • Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug


    Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug

    The Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug is the must have companion milk jug to the NanoFoamer or budding latte art enthusiast looking to improve your latte art skills. The milk jug features an ergonomic, heat resistant handle and unique shaped spout that allows...

  • Rocket Milk Jug


    Rocket Milk Jug

        The Rocket Milk Jug is one of the best looking and of the highest quality professional jugs in the market today. It features a high quality stainless steel with a mirror finish, and a long and deep spout, making those Latte Art finer...