Never Run out of Freshly Roasted Beans Again!

Never Run out of Freshly Roasted Beans Again!

As a current customer of Di Bartoli I have always enjoyed their delicious roasted beans, but as with everything in life you get busy and then the nightmare happens, you go to make a coffee and realise that you have run out of coffee beans, (insert face of utter despair).

I never wanted this to happen again and lucky for me the smart people at Di Bartoli had the answer I needed: Coffee Bean Subscription!

Now I get my fresh coffee beans delivered to me every fortnight and I don’t have to remember to order. The other great thing is I can change the subscription to meet my needs so if I need more I can order more and I get informed when my last order has been sent so I can start my subscription again.

So for lovers of QUALITY coffee, I would highly recommend getting on the bean subscription program and you get a discount too”

– Hossien, North Ryde NSW

How great it was to hear our loyal customers sharing such an amazing feedback with us! We have introduced our Beans Subscription program only 6 months ago and like any other new born program it had its fair share of teething challenges. We never have imagined though the real need our community had in never running out of freshly roasted beans until we have given it a good test run! We knew people wanted to save time on actually coming to our store and that they could simply purchase their coffee beans online and have it delivered.

But few times with the reminder not showing up on screen, the credit card has expired, the boss asking for an impossible dead line or the internet was playing up, it was all they needed to decide it was enough! If they can get the newspaper delivered daily, why can’t they have their other essential morning sanity ingredient delivered regularly? And without as much as typing in a web site address? We thought it was a brilliant idea, so we’ve set it up for them and patiently waited to see how it was all working out.

And it did! Nothing makes us more fulfilled in our business than designing and tailoring solutions around coffee.

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So what are you waiting for? give it a test run today and never run out of your sanity supply ever again!

Warm thanks to all our past, present and future subscribers, thank you for your support and for your feedback. We are here to listen and make things even better with your help!

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