Less Tax, More Awesome Coffee, Welcome Productivity!

Less Tax, More Awesome Coffee, Welcome Productivity!

With only 48 hours to go to June 30th, we know that last minute tax deductions are on your “to-do list”.

If you know that acquiring your coffee machine before June 30th is a good move for your business or personal tax return, I can help you with ensuring your Espresso gear is invoiced on Monday, delivered, installed and that your staff are enjoying Cafe style coffee before the end of the week.

Gone are the days of seeking only ‘easy’ while compromising on quality. As the market changes, and people are becoming more knowledgeable with what makes a good coffee, more and more offices move away from the fully automatic and capsule machines to semi automatic equipment, freshly roasted beans and a bit of ‘know how’ to create the ‘real deal’ experience. 

The most frequent response I hear from managers and decision makers visiting our Centre, is: “I never knew it was that easy’ or “if we can get the same flavours in the office, productivity will hit roof”. And it is so true. Do you know why?

Most of us spending more hours at our desk than in our homes or out and about. Those who love coffee (and that makes most of us, doesn’t it?) will patiently queue up for our favorite barista made gold, or will drive half a day to our favorite boutique roaster. Then why is it we don’t pursue the same quality of coffee at work? Why is it we’re not prioritizing quality to justify the expense? How much more happy, incentivised and productive our staff can be if we only made sure their work environment caters for the sublime? And how many hours of long lunch breaks can be saved when the venture to the Espresso bar around the corner becomes obsolete?

Think of the value beyond just tax cut. Think of how more willing your team will be to stay after hours to finish a due project when great coffee is at the tips of their fingers. How productive staff meetings can become and how possibly the gathering around the coffee machine can form into a team building exercise your staff will enthusiastically engage with. Think of staff retention and recruiter’s reputation, all that and more just from introducing quality coffee at the work place..

We can make it happen for you with an all up investment of $3K. If you are an office of 1-10 people and you’re looking for the balance between quality and ease, you think leveraging coffee at the work place is a great idea and you fancy an EOFY good deal that saved you hundred of dollars, then I have the right package for you!

It includes a Prosumer machine, commercially oriented grinder, fresh beans, tools, delivery, set up and training. Everything from A-Z that needs to happen before your first divine cup at the staff kitchenette, we take care of!

It’s really that simple. Give me a call BEFORE Tuesday June 30th 12pm, and I will wave my magic wand for you. You can email me for a detailed quote to ofra@dibartoli.com.au or simply ring 0405 067 495 for a chat.

Looking forward to share my coffee passion with you and your team,


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