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  • Bellman Tamper
    This is a specialty tamper for Bellman CX-25 and CX-25P coffee makers. It is also suitable for for vintage Benjamin and Medwin,  Elebak, Vesubio, etc type stovetop coffee makers. These machines look very similar to the...

    Price $44.00
  • Cafelat Drop Tamper
    Diameter: 58mm Handle: Alloy, Pallisander Wood, Violet Wood, Zebra Wood Weight: 350g Base: Flat Shaped like a chocolaty sweet blob of espresso oozing from the portafilter spouts, the Drop tamper is elegant and...

    Price $86.75
  • Cafelat Pillar Tamper - On Sale
    On Sale Now: Overstock Sale 40% off!! Enter 'overstock40%off' in checkout Diameter: 58mm Handle Color: Black, Brown, Red, Orange Material: Stainless steel tamper with rubber handle Weight: 340g Base: Flat Not only...

    Price $83.65
  • Cobra Tamper
    Diameter: 58mm Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 370g Base: Flat The Cobra Tamper, made from 304 stainless steel, is unique in its clever design, offering a stylish alternative to the conventional tamper making it the...

    Price $85.00
  • Concept Art Technic Tamper
    Diameter: 58mm Material: Stainless Steel Base: Flat Base or Knock Base With the "Technic" tamper, you can now set the pressure to suit your own machine, grinder, coffee & techniques, you can achieve constant and...

    Price $128.95
  • Di Bartoli Professional Tamper
    Diameter: 49mm, 50mm, 51mm, 52mm. 53mm. 56mm, 57mm, 58mm, 58.3mm, 58.5mm Handle Color: Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, Red Material: Stainless Steel Base, Aluminum handle Weight: Depends on the base, approximately 500g Base:...

    Price $64.00
  • Tamper 52mm in Stainless Steel - Convex
    Diameter: 52mm, 58mm Material: Stainless Steel Base: Convex This solid stylish stainless steel tamper  helps achieving consistancy on the tamp pressure.

    Price $25.00
  • Espro Click Tamper 58mm
    Currently Out of Stock - Arriving Mid to Late August 2017 Diameter: 58mm Material: Stainless Steel Base Base: Flat The famous Espro 'click' Tamper uses an internal piston to give you a 30 pound tamp pressure every time...

    Price $149.95
  • Incasa Double Sided Tamper 52mm/58mm
    Diameter: 52mm, 58mm Material: Stainless Steel Polished Base: Flat This tamper is great for use in cafe or at home, helping you keep consistancy of your tamping pressure. The double sided of 52mm and 58mm makes it compatible...

    Price $36.50
  • Pullman Tampers
    Pullman Tampers are engineered to provide optimal results for a lifetime. Using the tamper The Barista tamper comes with three stackable height-adjustment spacers. These provide 8 different height options across 15mm of...

    Price $160.00
  • Rattleware Stainless Steel Tamper
    Diameter: 58mm Handle: Angular, Small Round Material: Stainless Steel Base: Flat Weight: 378g (Angular), 360g (Small Round) This tamper is made of high grade stainless steel, has s flat base 58mm, and a stylish, highly...

    Price $53.00
  • Reg Barber Tamper
    Diameter: 58mm, 58.4mm Handle: Black, Red, Orange, Tall Bubinga Black Delron, Wenge, Zebra White Delron Handle Material: Stainless Steel Base Base: Flat Reg Barber Tampers are hand-crafted from the highest quality...

    Price $124.90
  • Rocket 58mm Tamper - Flat Base
    Sleek and elegant, this high quality stainless steel tamper fits in your hand like a glove. The Rocket branding adds a dash of sophistication, completing the great experience of owing one! Our choice is the flat base 58mm,...

    Price $100.00