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Cupping Tools

  • Coffee Cupping Bowl - 220ml
    Porcelain cupping bowl - ideal for cupping sessions

    Price $10.45
  • Le Nez Du Cafe' Sensory Kit
    Le Nez du Cafe is a collection of the most typical aromas found in the world's top coffees.The aroma kit is a valuable educational tool & will assist those involved with coffee to develop and train their senses to easily...

    Price $79.00 Choose Options
  • Rattleware Cupping Spittoon, Black Plastic
    Tired of not having at least one free hand for taking notes while cupping coffees? Feeling guilty about endlessly wasting disposable cups? This black plastic cupping spittoon, is next to impossible to tip over, is...

    Price $39.95
  • Rattleware Oval Coffee Bean Tray
    The Oval Coffee Bean Tray is used for holding coffee bean samples in cupping sessions

    Price $3.95
  • Rattlewear Heavy Weight Cupping Spoons
    A wonderful and great sized spoon for cupping sessions

    Price $3.95