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Yama Pour Over Kit

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The Yama Pour Over Kit is the perfect starter pack for brewing coffee, wether you are a beginner or a professional barista. Pour Over is one of the most popular methods for brewing specialty coffee. This kit contains a 2-4 Cup Glass Cone Dripper, a Stainless Steel Filter Cone and a 600ml Glass Server. There is no need for paper filters as the stainless steel cone filter has an ultra fine mesh micro filter.


It includes:

2-4 Cup Glass Cone Dripper

The Yama Glass dripper is perfect for home or commercial use. Each unit is hand blown from borosilicate glass and is dishwasher & microwave safe as well as heat resistant.

600ml Glass Coffee Server

The 600ml Yama glass server is microwave-friendly. It can be used as part of any pour over coffee brewing equipment or separately to serve all kinds of beverages. Made of ultra-quality borosilicate glass.

Yama Stainless Steel Filter Cone

The Yama Stainless Steel Filter Cone is a washable & reusable permanent filter for 2-4 cup drippers. It has an ultra fine mesh micro filter so no filter paper is needed.