Wholesale / Bulk



Welcome to Di Bartoli's Wholesale / Bulk Orders Program! 


This programs caters for the following businesses or individuals:

  1. A Cafe / Deli seeking high quality Specialty coffee beans for your discerning customers
  2. An Office with a group of coffee enthusiasts enjoying great coffee at work
  3. A group of friends who wants to group buy regularly and save on a price per kg
  4. A catering / hospitality establishment with a variety of coffee related needs
  5. A Gifts and Life Style Retailer looking for unique coffee related products 


You can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. 10% Discount on all products and services in our e-shop except espresso equipment and home roasters
  2. 3%-8% Discount on espresso equipment and home roasters subject to brand / model / quantity, advised per query
  3. 15% Discount on all our freshly roasted beans with a minimum 5kg per order
  4. Free Shipping for all roasted beans orders of a minimum 10kg per order
  5. Discounts and free inclusions with any customized training or team building events


What are the conditions to join? 

  • Purchase minimum 5 kg freshly roasted beans in one order at least every 3 months 
  • If you don't purchase beans, you need to spend minimum $150 monthly in our e-shop 
  • Orders are of a minimum 1kg bags, 500g option isn't available in this program


So if you are an Office / Deli / Social Club and might need some accessories, cleaning products, equipment or training once in a while, we would like to welcome you to our program!


How to Join?

It's easy. Download this Application Form and email it to us completed to [email protected] or contact us for further information. Once your account has been approved, we will set you up with your special prices online so you can order any time, anywhere  

*Di Bartoli reserves its right to approve or reject a wholesale status to applicants