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VSSL Adventure Flask Outdoor Companion

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The VSSL Adventure Flask Outdoor Companion is a compact two cup travelling coffee flask designed for the great outdoors. Ultra compact, lightweight and versatile, the VSSL Adventure Flask sports a rugged military-grade aluminium body that is both waterproof and shatterproof. Inside there are two collapsible shot glasses, an inbuilt 200 lumens LED light with 4x mode function and an inbuilt compass. At only 411g and 228.6mm long with a 50.8mm diameter, the VSSL Adventure Flask is one of the most compact travel flasks available.

If you are going camping, hiking, orienteering or otherwise just adventuring in the great outdoors, the VSSL Adventure Flask Outdoor Companion is a must have.




- Waterproof

- Impact Resistant

- 200 Lumens LED Light with 4x mode function

- Inbuilt compass

- Compact sleek design: 228.6mm x 50.8mm

- Outer case comes with a lifetime warranty (for breaking/cracking)