So you've got a quality machine, freshly roasted beans, you clean your machine regularly and often adjust the grinder as you were told but you're still getting poor results in the cup. Sounds familiar?

Training is often overlooked when it comes to coffee-making, but it should really come first! If you aim to make the best espresso you can at home, quality equipment and freshly roasted beans are just not enough. You have to learn what to do with it and how to understand the different variables so you can go on to create a consistent routine that delivers consistently good results. Read more about the factors to the perfect cups here

Di Bartoli has created training especially designed for those who have developed a passion for good coffee and the art of making espresso at home. We have tailored a unique program that assists home connoisseurs to develop their passion, their palate and their skills.

Whether you'd like to get the most from your newly purchased equipment, or finally nail the flavours you desire with your old set up, our experts are now available right there in your kitchen to take you through the ropes with your own gear and ensure coffee is exactly as you want it to be!  

Please note our in person one -on one or group training in the hub were paused during Covid. Join us as a members today to be the first to know when our training and events resume.