The Quest

Your Crystal Ball into the Right Espresso Machine and Grinder for you
The Only Proven Formula to Take You from Uncertainty to Clarity


If you are visiting this page you may be right where Marissa was few years ago, before engaging with us. You may have a small machine at home, maybe even a small grinder, and you have done some research, maybe even attended a class or two at your local roaster, and you understand that achieving extraordinary coffee at home like the one from your favourite Barista is a dream you can achieve, with the right guidance. 

But when you start reading about espresso equipment, it all goes a bit blurry...there are so many brands and models, different technologies, most of them look pretty similar, and to make things worse, each review you read on those coffee forums rave about a different machine people have purchased. There's no way you're going to spend $3,000 without being 100% sure that this is what will take you to where you want to go. Right?


So what to do?

With an experience of 15 years in the industry and 10 years working exclusively with Home Baristas, meeting over 10,000 people in a similar situation to you, Di Bartoli has learned the patterns and formed it into a one quick and easy EXCLUSIVE formula that can give you that Crystal Ball you desire, recommending you the espresso machine and grinder to choose. Q.U.E.ST is a result of a long research into home baristas behaviour, how and why they choose what they do and are they happy with it a month, a year, or 10 years down the track.

Q.U.E.S.T is a guaranteed tool to get you from the unknown to clarity, saving you the research time, dilemma, procrastination, and even regret choosing equipment not right for you, either because of friends's pressure or not knowing what to look for that matters.


We Give You Q.U.E.S.T:

Q - Quality Coffee Beans? Quality Equipment? Quality Training? What sets that apart? 
U - Understanding your coffee goals and where you are now
E - Expert advice provided on how to bridge the gap
S - Sensory experience that makes your choice so much easier
T - Tailored solution, bringing all the above together and revealing THE ONE!

Q: You can start understanding what makes a quality coffee by clicking here on The 7 Secrets, here on What Speciality Coffee is, here on our Buyers Guide for Espresso Machines and Grinders, and here, to learn more on other factors to consider. You can also listen to what others just like you have to say.

U: This is your Crystal Ball. This is where magic happens and you share with us who you are, how you love your coffee and what expectations you have from your new equipment. GET YOUR RESULTS DOWN BELOW!

S: Sensory experience is what we offer Sydney based customers, when they drop by for a visit in store. Contact us here to book your next FREE QUEST session in store.


Got your results back? Do you know now which way to go? Great! Click here to find out how to get your Best Combo Deal Online and here to learn all about the FREE benefits you get with each Combo.

We hope you will find our QUEST effective and we look forward welcoming each of you to our Home Barista Community,

Happy Learning,

Ofra Ronen - Managing Director