Seasonal - Indonesian Sumatra Kerinci Blue Honey

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From the Roaster's Corner: 

Seasonal: Indonesian Sumatra Kerinci Blue Honey   

Radjo Project - pushing the boundaries of possibilities with coffee!  

Indonesia is world famous for coffee, so much so that "Java" (one of the main islands in the Indonesian Archipelago) has entered the lexicon in North America as a synonym for coffee. The fourth largest producer of coffee by total output, coffee was first introduced to Indonesia during the Dutch colonial period and has become one of the most important exports for the country as Indonesia's equatorial climate and mountaineous topography is perfect for growing coffee.

While the vast amount of coffee grown in Indonesia is the lower-quality Robusta, there are a number of specialty growers that focus on growing high quality Arabica beans and pushing the boundaries with new processing techniques. 

Enter the Radjo Project. Founded in 2017, the project is the brainchild of coffees growers based in Kerinci and Solok. With the goal of seeking and sharing knowledge of specialty coffee growing and push for "Central Sumatra Coffee" to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other quality growing regions worldwide. 2018 marked the first full year of harvest for the farmers in Kerinci after the founding of the Radjo Project. 


  • Region: Sumatra Kerinci
  • Altitude: 1200 - 1500 masl
  • Process: Blue Honey Process
  • Tasting Notes: Rich Dark Chocolate, Blackcurrant, Spice, Mild Tropical Fruit Acidity, Creamy Finish

Roasted for espresso and filter 

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