Seasonal - Honduras Cafe de Mujeres SHG EP Organic (SOLD OUT - NEW SPECIAL SINGLE ORIGIN COMING SOON)

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From the Roaster's Corner:

Seasonal: Honduras Cafe de Mujeres SHG EP Organic

Located in the very middle of Central America, Honduras is a country that shows off with its natural beauty. Endless forests meet lone roads cutting through. Some people even refer to Honduras as the „green lung“ of Central America.

This women's-grown coffee is grown in the La Paz Region in southwestern Honduras, produced by the Kolnáal Mujeres Co-operative. This co-operative of indigenous Lenca women strives to provide equal opportunities for the socio-economic, environmental and cultural development of women in the region. By working collectively through Kolnáal these women can access the international market for coffee, allowing them to sell their product for fair prices, whilst providing for their families and community.

 About the Coffee

  • Country:   Honduras
  • Region:     Marcala (La Paz region)
  • Producer: Kolnáal Mujeres Cooperative
  • Crop year: 2021 - 2022
  • Altitude:   1500 - 1800 masl
  • Process:   Fully washed
  • Varietal:   Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, Balanced Fruity Acidity, Sweet Aftertaste

Roasted both for espresso and filter  

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