Seasonal - Cuba Superior Serrano Lavado

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From the Roaster's Corner: 

Seasonal: Cuba Superior Serrano Lavado   

Our very first Cuban coffee - rare as they come!  

The first coffee plantation in Cuba started back in 1748 where coffee trees where imported from neighbouring countries. Through French settlers in 1789 coffee growing became more famous and popular. As a result successful coffee plantations also started in the southeastern part of Cuba.

Coffees produced in Cuba are mainly Arabica coffees. More than 80% is grown in Sierra Maestra, a mountainous region in the East of Cuba. Around 11% of Cuba's coffee grows in Escambray in the middle of the island and also in Pinar del Rio (North-West). The Northern part is drier in comparison to the South-East where the common and well known “Altura” quality is cultivated.

Cuba's yearly coffee production is limited; that is one reason why Cuban coffees are well known as rarity coffees. Dominated by its famous full body and spicy tobacco character. Cuba Superior Serrano Lavado is a special and unique coffee quality.

Region: Sierra Maestra

  • Varietal: Typica
  • Altitude: 1000 - 1700 masl
  • Process: Washed
  • Tasting Notes: Tobacco, light acidity, spice, dark chocolate, balanced

Roasted for espresso and filter 

If you would like your beans to be ground, please state for what coffee maker you require the coffee, and if it is an espresso machine, state the make and model in the comments section at checkout.