Seasonal - Brazil Cerrado Natural Lua Roxa

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From the Roaster's Corner:

Seasonal: Brazil Cerrado Natural Lua Roxa

Di Bartoli Coffee presents the first natural seasonal offering of 2022, the Brazil Cerrado Natural Lua Roxa. Accounting for one third of all coffee beans produced on earth, Brazil is by and far the largest grower and exporter of coffee beans and has held that title for the past 150 years. Increasingly high quality offerings are making up a larger and larger share of all of those exports.

Our select origin is grown in Brazil's vast Cerrado region, specifically the Mineiro Region that is world renowned for producing high quality coffees. A mix of different arabica varietals from various farms in the region, these coffees are processed using the natural (or "dry") processing method which retails much of the sweetness of the bean compared to the more common and consistent washed processing. The entire coffee cherry is first cleaned and then placed in the sun to dry in thin layers on the patios or they are tried in special purpose drying machines.

 About the Coffee

  • Country:   Brazil
  • Region:     Cerrado Mineiro
  • Producer: Various Fazendas
  • Crop year: 2021 - 2022
  • Altitude:   800 - 1300 masl
  • Process:   Natural
  • Varietal:   Mundo Novo, Red Catuai, Bourbon, Icatu, Catucai

Tasting notes: Pleasant Nutty Sweetness, Mild Citric Acidity, Light Body, Smooth Finish

Roasted for espresso

If you like your beans to be ground, please let us know in the order comments at checkout what coffee maker you have. If it's an espresso machine, please state the make and model.