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Rocket R Cinquantotto Double Boiler

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The latest offering from Rocket Espresso, the Rocket R Cinquantotto (58 in Italian) is the successor to the popular Rocket R58 line of double boiler domestic prosumer espresso machines.

The Cinquantotto is build on the same internals as the Rocket R58 with the key differences being:

  • The feet have been re-designed
  • The frame has been re-designed to be more box-like and the cupguard embossed with the word "Rocket" on it
  • The Pod controller is a new way to control the temperature functions. In addition to better user interface, the Pod also gives access to a shot timer function

The Cinquantotto is a dual boiler espresso machine with a PID controlled by a new touch screen communication pod allowing easy adjustment of the brew temperature for optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style.


  • Dual boiler (1.8L steam boiler, 0.58L brew boiler; material: copper). it come with one dedicated boiler for coffee water and one boiler for steam and hot water (service boiler which can steam at close to 1.5 bars of pressure). This guarantees consistent performance and temperature stability
  • Removable touch screen communication pod
  • Shot timer via communication pod
  • Automatic on/off function via communication pod
  • Pre infusion: mechanical pre-infusion system with progressively working piston and static pre-infusion chamber. This reflects into smooth coffee extraction with optimum aroma, body and “crema”.
  • Rotary pump with optional plumb in (can switch to mains water supply by flicking a switch)
  • Cool-to-touch steam wand: anti-burn (only the nozzle gets hot); easy cleaning as milk does not bake on wand; more efficient steam, as heat is not dissipated around the wand. Steam nozzle designed for easy milk foaming with fine texture
  • Water supply: 2.5 litre fresh waterreservoir or alternatively direct water connection (hard plumbed) with full drip tray drainage
  • Dimensions in mm W x D x H: 310 x 440 x 385
  • Weight: 29kg