Announcement May 5th 2021: Due to high volume of machines arriving for repair, our current turnaround time is 12-14 business days and Priority Service is paused. Please contact our support team for further information.


  • Rocket R Cinquantotto Double Boiler

    Rocket R Cinquantotto Double Boiler

    Available Now The latest offering from Rocket Espresso, the Rocket R Cinquantotto (58 in Italian) is the successor to the popular Rocket R58 line of double boiler domestic prosumer espresso machines. The Cinquantotto is build on the same internals as...

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  • Rocket R9 ONE

    Rocket R9 ONE

    Available now for shipping April 2021 The R NINE ONE was developed to bring the very best of our commercial machine development programme into a machine capable of outstanding results for both small commercial application or home environment Thermal...

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