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Rocket Boxer 1GP

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The Rocket Boxer 1GP is a high quality commercial tier espresso machine built to handle a small to medium size office or light commercial coffee venture. It features a single grouphead with a 8.3L Heat Exchanger boiler, dual steam wands, volumetric controls and a shot timer all within a small footprint less than 50cm wide.

The Rocket Boxer 1GP is a perfect machine for handling larger volumes of coffee than a domestic prosumer espresso machine, but smaller than a coffee shop (between 2-5kg of coffee per week).

Note that the Rocket Boxer 1GP requires a mains water source to be plumbed in and a 15amp power circuit. Please ensure that both of these are available at installation site before opening.

Features and stats:

  • 8.3 litre boiler
  • 2300w heating element
  • Thermosyphon system
  • Dual cool to touch steam wands
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Ring style group head
  • Volumetric controls
  • Shot timer
  • Automatic backflush cycle
  • Commercial pressure stat
  • Dimensions (WxDxW mm): 480 x 490 x 471